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Welcome to our Snorkelling Guides. The titles below include articles designed to make your snorkeling adventures more enjoyable. We are passionate about the underwater world and we're keen for you and/or your children to be able to enjoy it in any way you can.

Trusted snorkelling advice from The Scuba Doctor

Our guides are written for the novice, the seasoned, as well as all of the snorkellers in between. We are constantly adding new content and even revamping old content when needed. So relax, sit back and browse through these articles. We welcome you and hope that you enjoy your stay and share this site with your friends and family.

For information about properly looking after your snorkelling gear, please see Equipment Care and Maintenance.

If you want to go snorkelling to see the underwater wonders near Melbourne, please take a look at Snorkelling in Melbourne, and Melbourne Snorkelling Sites.

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