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Miflex High Pressure Gauge Hoses

Our most popular Miflex High Pressure (HP) Gauge hose lengths are:

  • 15 cm (6 inch) long for connecting SPGs to the first stage regulator on deco/stage/pony cylinders, and also air pressure transmitters to first stage regulators on your back cylinder
  • 60 cm (24 inch) long for doubles
  • 60 cm (24 inch) or 75 cm (30 inch) long for singles
  • 80 cm (32 inch) long for consoles

Miflex Heavy Duty (HD) Hoses in Carbon Black Colour
Approved according to the EN250 standard.

  • 7.8 mm Thin — 35% thinner than rubber hoses
  • Lightweight — Half the weight of rubber hoses
  • Electroless nickel-plated brass fittings
  • Factory cleaned and Nitrox ready for use with up to 100% oxygen

Hose Material:

  • Heavy Duty with Graphite Carbon Black colour
  • Outside hose diameter: 7.5 mm
  • Braided nylon exterior layer
  • Working Pressure: 300 bar

The typical HP hose has a 7/16-inch male at the end that screws into the first stage regulator HP port, and a 7/16-inch female at the end that screws on to the SPG.

Male Fitting to HP port

  • 7/16 x 20 UNF male threads
  • Brass with electroless nickel plating
  • Strain relief with shock absorber
  • Viton O-ring

Female Fitting to SPG

  • 7/16 x 20 UNF female threads
  • Brass with electroless nickel plating
  • Strain relief with shock absorber
  • 14 mm deep air-spool well

Swivel-Pin Air-Spools — Please note that all high pressure hoses use a swivel pin air spool with two tiny O-rings to mate the swivel connector on the hose to the fitting on the gauge. The airspool is not included with the hose, but we recommend replacing the air-spool when replacing the hose. The standard 'shoulder' air-spool has the flange in the centre. Some SPGs, typically the plastic body ones, may only accept a 'bullet' air-spool without a shoulder. We stock the standard 'long' bullet air-spool as well as the less commonly used 'short' bullet air-spool.

Melbourne Dive Sites Map

Interactive Melbourne Dive Sites Map

With the map above you can navigate your way through the huge variety of great dive sites that Melbourne and Victoria have waiting for you. From shore and pier dives, wrecks, reef and deep wall dives, plus marine park and drift dives, you'll be amazed at just what is on offer.

See Melbourne Dive Site GPS Marks for a list of the dive site GPS marks and basic dive site information.

See Dive Sites for a full list of the dive site web pages.

Melbourne Dive Site Wall Maps

Lucia Suarez has used the KML file we provide of the Melbourne Dive Sites on this website, together with Google Earth, to produce a set of wall maps. Photos are by Marcia Riederer.

Click on the dive map image thumbnails to see or downloads the full size wall map as a PDF at A0 size, 300 dpi. It should be easy to take the PDFs to a suitable place for printing at A0 or A1 size and laminating.

Melbourne Dive Sites
This wall map covers the dive sites of most of Port Phillip.
(Adobe PDF, 1 page, A0 size, 18.9 Mb)

Port Phillip Southern End and Back Beaches Dive Sites
This wall map covers the dive sites of the Southern End of Port Phillip and the Back Beaches.
(Adobe PDF, 1 page, A0 size, 18.9 Mb)

Port Phillip Entrance Dive Sites
This wall map covers the dive sites close to the entrance of Port Phillip.
(Adobe PDF, 1 page, A0 size, 12.1 Mb)

Around Cape Schanck and Phillip Island Dive Sites
This wall map covers the dive sites around Cape Schanck and Phillip Island.
(Adobe PDF, 1 page, A0 size, 13.3 Mb)

Victoria Dive Sites
This wall map covers the dive sites of Victoria.
(Adobe PDF, 1 page, A0 size, 15.9 Mb)

DISCLAIMER: No claim is made by The Scuba Doctor as to the accuracy of the dive site coordinates listed here. Always check the validity of information with local authorities, especially in regards to restrictions of diving in the area. As information on this dive site database is obtained through multiple sources, the accuracy of the information cannot be guarunteed. Should anyone decide to use these GPS marks to locate and dive on a site, they do so entirely at their own risk. Always verify against other sources.

The marks come from numerous sources including commercial operators, independent dive clubs, reference works, and active divers. Some are known to be accurate, while others may not be. Some GPS marks may even have come from maps using the AGD66 datum, and thus may need be converted to the WGS84 datum. To distinguish between the possible accuracy of the dive site marks, we've tried to give each mark a source, e.g. GPS, Google Earth, or unknown.

If you don't understand the differences between the different ways coordinates are given, plus how different datum come into play, you might find the article GPS Conversions by Lloyd Borrett a useful read. It describes the problems associated with locating dive sites using a GPS receiver.

GPS latitude explained

Scuba Doctor Dive Map KML File

In the true spirit of making it easy to obtain, utilise and share the information for non-commercial purposes, you can now Download/view the Scuba Doctor Dive Map GPS Marks (KML file | 427.19 KB | 24-May-2022) in the Keyhole Markup Language (KML) file format used to display geographic data in an Earth browser such as Google Earth or Google Maps.

Some marine GPS units can import the information from a KML file. For others you can use use a file translate program (e.g. GPSBabel) to convert the KML file into an import file format (e.g. GPX) supported by your GPS unit.

Please Help Us To Correct GPS Marks and Add More Melbourne Dive Sites

If you have have information about other dive sites you'd be happy to see added to the information available here, or any corrections and/or updates to the diving site GPS marks listed here, please feel free to Contact Us. See also, Dive Site Help.


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