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Gear Aid Cleaning / Care

Real world testing has guided the Gear Aid (formerly McNett) range for over 30 years in manufacturing the finest speciality products, for Scuba Diving, Paddlesports, Outdoor, Fly Fishing, Hunting and travel enthusiasts.

For The Scuba Doctor's guides to basic care and maintenance of your scuba diving regulators, wetsuit, dry suit, knife, mask and fins, please see our comprehensive Equipment Care and Maintenance information.

The Hunter Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide - The Hunter

Spearfishing can be the most ethical and sustainable method of hunting fish. Spending time in the water and bringing home fresh food for yourself and your family can be one of the most rewarding experiences there is. If you are a hunter, looking to get started, or trying to find the right gift for a loved one, check out our recommendations for spearfishing equipment.

The Cressi Tokugawa Pro 3.5mm Mens 2-Piece, Open-Cell, Spearfishing Suit with Blue Camo Hood is ideal for long spearfishing sessions in temperate and tepid waters. The separate open-cell hooded jacket and pants prevent flush, keeping the diver warmer for longer. Reinforced elbow, knees and loading pad offer extra protection at the most vital spots. Of course, it's always fun lubing up to put it on properly.

Ocean Hunter Chameleon Core-3 Spearfishing Wetsuit - 3mm Ocean Hunter Chameleon Core-3 Spearfishing Wetsuit - 3mm
RRP: $159, Our Price: $151, You Save $8 (5%).
A perfect gift for the new spearfisher. It gives protection from the sun and sharp objects while providing some warmth. The wetsuit camouflage is designed specifically for Australian waters to better blend the hunter with the surrounding environment. The knees are covered with high wearing Spandura Tex knee pads for extra protection and there is a custom non-slip chest loading pad.

Cressi Apache Speargun - 35cm to 75cm Cressi Apache Speargun - 35cm to 75cm
Our Price: $139
The Cressi Apache Spear Gun is an entry level gun with four size options from 35 cm to 75 cm. It's small size is ideal for hunting in low visibility, caves, reefs, and for tracking fast moving fish. The small size makes the Apache easy to maneuver, load, and transport. Choose the Apache for a well-made gun that will not let your spearfisher friend down.

Ocean Hunter Hawaiian Sling Handspear - 2m Fibreglass 2 Piece Ocean Hunter Hawaiian Sling Handspear - 2m Fibreglass 2 Piece
RRP: $60, Our Price: $57, You Save $3 (5%).
This Hawaiian sling powered Hand Spear is a two piece, thread together, 2 metre long, fiberglass pole spear with a 5-barb cluster head. The two piece design allows for a compact unit and stows easily in your gear bag ready when you need to hunt. Designed for hunting reef fish, a pole spear is also a good option for close quarter cave hunting.

Garmin Descent Mk2 Watch Dive Computer Garmin Descent Mk2 Watch Dive Computer
RRP: $2,149, Our Price: $1,999, You Save $150 (7%).
The Garmin Descent Mk2 does so much it is almost incomprehensible. The built-in surface GPS allows hunters to locate favourite dive sites, plus mark new sites for a return visit. Think high-end dive computer, smartwatch and fitness watch all rolled into one device with a shed load of extra features on top of that. If your underwater hunter enjoys muliple exercise activities then this is the smart choice.

Tusa X-Pert II Dive Knife - Pointed Tip Tusa X-Pert II Dive Knife - Pointed Tip
RRP: $125, Our Price: $112, You Save $13 (10%).
Every hunter needs a reliable knife to quickly dispatch their catch or to cut line in case of emergency. Choose the pointed option to cover both bases. The Tusa X-Pert II has a straight edge and a serrated edge for cutting rope. There is also a handy line cutter. The Tusa X-Pert II is a well-made knife that will do exactly what you need it to.

Sonar Abalone Tool with Rope Cutter and Axe Edges Sonar Abalone Tool with Rope Cutter and Axe Edges
Our Price: $50
Everyone hunting for a feed of abalone needs a reliable Abalone Tool. The angled blade is perfect for easily getting your abalone off the rocks. The sheer size of the blade provides plenty of cranking leverage to make even the biggest of abs come away effortlessly.

Cressi Gara Modular Full Foot Fins Cressi Gara Modular Full Foot Fins
RRP: $199, Our Price: $179, You Save $20 (10%).
The Cressi Gara Modular Fins are a great gift for deep divers and spearfishers. They feature an elastomer soft foot pocket that moulds to each individual foot, angled blades to help kicking technique, and a powerfull blade. This fin gives the confidence to bring you back up from depth.

Cressi Nano Black Mask Cressi Nano Black Mask
RRP: $139, Our Price: $125, You Save $14 (10%).
The Cressi Nano Mask is a great low-volume mask that still offers a wide field of vision. It's available with clear or mirrored lens (we recommend mirrored for spearfishing). The clear lens masks have Camou Brown and Camou Green colour options depending on your hunting grounds. The silicone skirt will seal perfectly to your face and keep you comfortable on long spearing sessions.

Cressi Corsica Snorkel Cressi Corsica Snorkel
Our Price: $44
A classic 'J'style snorkel that has been tried and true, the simple design makes this snorkel almost bullet proof and reliable compared too many of the newer hi-tech snorkels on the market. No fancy valves on top or bottom, if you can blast clear a snorkel than this is what you want.

Ocean Hunter Strike Kevlar Dive Gloves - 2.0mm Ocean Hunter Strike Kevlar Dive Gloves - 2.0mm
RRP: $89, Our Price: $85, You Save $4 (4%).
The Kevlar Strike Dive Gloves are well suited to spearfishing, plus lobster (crayfish) and abalone diving. They are highly popular with spearos and cray bashers in Southern Australian waters because they provide strength and protection but are still highly flexible so that dexterity is maintained.

Cressi Tuna Dry Wheeled Bag - 120 lt Cressi Tuna Dry Wheeled Bag - 120 lt
RRP: $279, Our Price: $249, You Save $30 (11%).
The Cressi Tuna Dry Wheeled Bag is long enough to fit most freediving fins, and big enough to carry your diving and spearing equipment. All-metal components are rust-proof stainless steel, and the wheels make transportation effortless. There are carry handles in the middle of the bag for short cross-country hikes.

Still Not Sure? Get Them Gift Certificates

The Scuba Doctor Gift Certificates The Scuba Doctor Gift Certificates$5 to $1000
If you still can't decide on a gift for the diver in your life, then why not give them a Gift Certificate from The Scuba Doctor. You may think they already have all of the dive gear they could possibly need, but they WILL be hankering for something. This way they get to choose what's most important to them.

For information about snorkelling locally and where you can go spearfishing locally, please see Spearfishing in Melbourne.


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