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Cylinder Stickers

Tank marking stickers and decals from The Scuba Doctor are the perfect way to correctly and safely label the contents of a cylinder.

Tech Tip: Do I really need that big Nitrox wrap decal on my cylinder?

The large Nitrox tank wrap requirement mostly depends on your local dive shop fill policy. When Nitrox was introduced to sport diving there was widespread anxiety at local dive shop fill stations about cylinder contamination and handling safety. There were also fears of an injury as the result of an unqualified diver inadvertently breathing Voodoo Gas. While there is no law that requires the Nitrox wrap, the highly visible 'Nitrox', 'Nitrox Only', or 'Enriched Air Nitrox' tank wrap was helpful in addressing those early concerns.

Today, experience has demonstrated those safety worries about Nitrox to be relatively minor issues for the sport diving community. The large Nitrox tank wrap was quickly proven to be an imperfect solution to ensuring handling safety and identifying cylinder contents.

Many fill stations have adopted policies and practices that do not rely upon the presence of the Nitrox wrap. As a result, some local dive shops have become ambivalent about requiring the large wraps and are satisfied with a small removable tape label or tag that indicates cylinder contents analysis.

The factor that often determines the large permanent wrap requirement at many local dive shops is how the shop handles Nitrox fills. Shops that fill using premixed gas tend not to require the large wraps, but shops that partial pressure blend in the cylinder itself may still require the wraps.

In the early days practically all Nitrox fills were done using partial pressure blending, causing a common misconception that presence of a Nitrox tank wrap indicates the cylinder and valve are oxygen clean and oxygen compatible. However, the Nitrox wrap does NOT indicate the oxygen cleanliness or oxygen compatibility of the cylinder and valve, the wrap is just a label of what type of gas blend the cylinder may contain.

Oxygen Clean In Test StickerA separate evidence of inspection decal (aka VIP sticker) is what indicates if cylinder and valve are both suitable for use with compressed gases containing more than 23.5% oxygen at the date of inspection. Dive shop filling stations doing partial pressure blending will insist on your tank have an in-date Oxygen Clean sticker applied by the testing station that oxygen cleaned your cylinder.

Neither the Nitrox sticker or the Oxygen Clean decal indicate what compressed gas is stored in the cylinder. You should properly and clearly label your cylinder with your analysis of the gas mixture.

Nitrox cylindersClearly label anything that isn't air. If the MOD is less than the maximum possible depth of the dive (think deco cylinders), make sure the MOD stands out where not only you can see it, so can your buddies. Make it obvious to everyone if you are using the wrong cylinder at the wrong depth.

Consider putting a small piece of tape on each second stage, just in front of the mouthpiece, that has the MOD for the cylinder it is attached to. (This is in addition to the standard cylinder markings.) Any little thing that may save your life helps.

Tech Tip: Perfect Positioning of Scuba Tank Stickers

Select the general spot on your scuba cylinder to place the sticker and remove any old stickers and decals from that spot. On painted aluminium cylinders we recommend scraping any blistering or peeling areas to remove loose paint. Take an appropriate cleaner/solvent and wipe the area down a couple of times to remove dirt, wax and all other enemies of good adhesion. If you use any cleaning solvent, keep it off the valve and neck and be sure to rinse with soap and water when you are done.

Once the cylinder is clean, peel the backing off your sticker. Now the trick is to simply spray the area where the sticker is to be placed and also lightly wet the adhesive back of the sticker, with a thin coat of soapy water or Windex before you install the sticker. This gives a little lubrication and just enough surface tension to hold the sticker but not fully adhere it to the surface.

Apply the sticker to the cylinder. While wet, you can slip and slide the sticker into the perfect position. When you're sure it's in the right spot you simply hold it with one hand and squeegee the liquid out with the other.

Once it feels fairly adhered, blot the excess liquid off, and stand back to confirm placement. We say this because you still have some time to pull it off and re-position without penalty as there is a bit of liquid still under the sticker. Once the soap evaporates, the sticker adheres very well to the tank.

Great Gifts for Scuba Divers

Holiday Gift Guide - The Scuba Diver

The holidays are the perfect time to equip your new scuba diver with the gear they need to outfit their dives. Entry-level scuba divers who are just beginning their descent into the magic of the underwater world need the proper gear to help keep them safe and enjoying their dive. Here, we've collected the must-have products to help your new diver embark on their new passion. See also Holiday Diver Must-Have Gifts.

Mares Prime Explorer Pack Mares Prime Explorer Pack
RRP: $2,055, Our Price: $1,399, You Save $656 (32%).
One way to get the new scuba diver started with the correct products to embark on their new passion is a comprehensive BCD, regulator, dive computer, and instrument console package. This Mares package represents excellent value for money for new scuba divers.

Suunto Zoop Novo Nitrox Wrist Dive Computer Suunto Zoop Novo Nitrox Wrist Dive Computer
RRP: $400, Our Price: $380, You Save $20 (5%).
The Suunto Zoop is probably the worlds most popular entry level diving computer. The real beauty of the Zoop is that as well as having all the basic features required from a diving computer, like all Suunto's, it's also incredibly simple and easy to use. It will not only enhance the diver's time under water, it will also help them be a safer diver. As well as an Air mode, it supports Nitrox for longer dives, plus has a Free Mode for use when snorkelling or freediving.

Probe iDry 7mm Quick-Dry Semi-Dry Suit (Back Zip) Probe iDry 7mm Quick-Dry Semi-Dry Suit (Back Zip)
RRP: $700, Our Price: $630, You Save $70 (10%).
A good wetsuit is a key piece of diving equipment. A wetsuit that fits well and is comfortable can make a world of difference when it comes to staying warm underwater. The Probe iDry 7mm wetsuit is a quality option and comes in both male and female sizes and is easy to take on and off.

Catalina S80 Aluminium Cylinder - 11.1 litre (80 cuft) - 207 bar Catalina S80 Aluminium Cylinder - 11.1 litre (80 cuft) - 207 bar
RRP: $525, Our Price: $500, You Save $25 (5%).
Having your own cylinder makes diving very accessible. Not only can you go diving anytime, but you can be safe in the knowledge that your tank has been regularly serviced and well looked after. The 11.1 litre, 207 bar Catalina aluminium cylinder is ideal for warm water divers. It's a nice long-lasting gift.

Faber Steel Cylinder - 232 bar - 12.2 litre std - DIN/K Valve Faber Steel Cylinder - 232 bar - 12.2 litre std - DIN/K Valve
RRP: $790, Our Price: $699, You Save $91 (12%).
The most popular scuba cylinder in temperate (cooler) waters, e.g. on the Great Southern Reef of Southern Australia, is a Faber steel 12.2 litre, 232 bar tank. Surprisingly they weight LESS than the equivalent aluminium cylinders and don't go positivly buoyant towards the end of the dive like the alluminium cylinders do. Thus less lead weight is required than when using an aluminium cylinder. It's a nice long-lasting gift that will keep on giving for many years to come.

Cressi Leonardo Dive Computer - Nitrox Wrist Cressi Leonardo Dive Computer - Nitrox Wrist
RRP: $449, Our Price: $349, You Save $100 (22%).
This Italian made dive computer offers all the functions recreational divers need in a sharp-looking package. Plus, it's the most reliable wrist dive computer on the market today. It supports diving on Air and is Nitrox capable to 50 per cent. All this plus a long-lasting and user-replaceable battery makes this a superb user-friendly dive computer, and a great gift for recreational scuba divers.

A dive light is a fantastic gift for scuba divers who hunt for rock lobster (crayfish) and abalone, explore dark spaces inside sunken wrecks, enjoy a night dive, or delve into the cavern zone deep within caves. It allows them to look into crevices, and see all the small details of their dive. This Dive Perfect LED light is simplicity itself. Twist-on, twist-off. 800—1000 lumens of light powered by three AA batteries to deliver a run time of 4 hours of usable light. It features a narrow penetrating 10° centre spot beam with a wide 60° spread that lights up the world. The Dive Perfect Stubby LED-1000 Dive Light will surely light the way for an amazing dive adventure!

Nautilus LifeLine Marine Rescue GPS Nautilus LifeLine Marine Rescue GPS
Our Price: $335
If you care about your friend or family member, which we assume you do, seeing as you're here, then why not get them an emergency marine rescue GPS. The Nautilus Lifeline is an all in one system that can be taken under the water and will give you a bit of extra piece of mind that your friend has not been left behind in dangerous waters somewhere!

Mares Prime Explorer Pack Mares Prime Explorer Pack
RRP: $2,055, Our Price: $1,399, You Save $656 (32%).
One way to get the new scuba diver started with the correct products to embark on their new passion is a comprehensive BCD, regulator, dive computer, and instrument console package. This Mares package represents excellent value for money for new scuba divers.

Probe iDry Quick-Dry Hood - 3mm (Unisex) Probe iDry Quick-Dry Hood - 3mm (Unisex)
RRP: $60, Our Price: $54, You Save $6 (10%).
A person loses up to 10% of their body heat through their head. So, for a diver who wants to keep warm, there is no better gift than a diving hood. The Probe iDry 3 mm hood comes in various sizes for the perfect fit. The iDry lining means the hood is dry when it's put back on for a second dive. If your diver feels the cold more than most, opt for the Probe iDry 5mm Hood instead.

Apollo SV Dry Flex Silicone Snorkel Apollo SV Dry Flex Silicone Snorkel
RRP: $50, Our Price: $45, You Save $5 (10%).
Scuba divers regularly take a snorkel with them when they dive. A snorkel can make surface swimming in choppy waters easier, and it reduces unnecessary air consumption. The Apollo SV Dry Flex snorkel has a comfortable mouthpiece and comes in a range of colours. It's our best selling snorkel by an order of magnitude and fantastic value for money.

Cressi Pro Light Fins - Open Heel Cressi Pro Light Fins - Open Heel
RRP: $119, Our Price: $105, You Save $14 (12%).
Fins make moving in the water far easier. These Cressi Pro Light fins are budget-friendly and powerful, as well as comfortable and flexible. Weighing 35% less than conventional fins, these are a great gift choice for the diver who likes to travel light. The diver will need a dive boot to wear these open heel fins.

Apollo Edge Pro Dive Boots - 5mm Unisex Apollo Edge Pro Dive Boots - 5mm Unisex
RRP: $75, Our Price: $67.50, You Save $7.50 (10%).
Boots are always a welcome gift for scuba divers. They keep feet warm underwater, and they provide protection when divers must walk over rocks or hot sand to the dive entry point. These Apollo Edge Pro medium sole zipper dive boots are light and easy to travel with, but they're also durable and extremely comfortable. These are a great, value for money, quality dive boot. That's probably why they're by far our best selling dive boot.

Probe iDry Quick-Dry Dive Gloves - 2.0mm (Unisex) Probe iDry Quick-Dry Dive Gloves - 2.0mm (Unisex)
RRP: $70, Our Price: $63, You Save $7 (10%).
Gloves are very handy when diving in cold waters. These 2 mm gloves will be a welcome gift to keep your dive buddy's hands toasty, even on multiple-dive days. With glued and sewn seams, the Probe iDry dive gloves are built to last.

Our favourite books for new scuba divers include:

Shore Dives of Victoria (3rd Edition) Shore Dives of Victoria (3rd Edition)
RRP: $32, Our Price: $31, You Save $1 (3%).
This excellent book by Ian Lewis covers some 120 dive sites from Cape Otway to Wilsons Promontory, including Port Phillip and Western Port. Site descriptions and historic information of wrecks adds to the value of the book. Quite superb.

This is an indispensable guide for all levels of diver and snorkeller, broadening their horizons. Valuable information on more than 250 dive and snorkelling spots in New South Wales.

Still Not Sure? Get Them Gift Certificates

The Scuba Doctor Gift Certificates The Scuba Doctor Gift Certificates$5 to $1000
If you still can't decide on a gift for the diver in your life, then why not give them a Gift Certificate from The Scuba Doctor. You may think they already have all of the dive gear they could possibly need, but they WILL be hankering for something. This way they get to choose what's most important to them.


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