Everyday Low Prices

Everyday Low Prices Guaranteed!

Don't be Fooled!

Some dive shops promote seasonal sales. At The Scuba Doctor we have Everyday Low Prices Guaranteed! If you compare us with the others, you'll find our special prices on top quality brand name products typically match or better their temporary sales prices everyday of the year.

Our everyday low prices are across the shop on all of your scuba diving, freediving, spearfishing, snorkelling and water sports needs all year. By shopping at The Scuba Doctor you don't have to wait for sales markdowns a few times a year to purchase the best quality gear at low prices.

When you're after great brand name gear and expert advise to satisfy your diving or snorkelling addiction, we're here to help!

All year long, we offer you the lowest prices. You won't need to wait for a "fake" discount.

Our Policy On Discounts

Is there a specific reason you believe you are entitled to a discount?

It's a Question of Integrity

Do you think that we're intentionally overcharging and that with some negotiation, it should be possible to talk us down to the 'proper' price? In other words, you assume we have a lack of integrity. That is, we're asking too much.

Do you assume that we so desperately need the sale that we're willing to be underpaid, which, to us, seems like a lack of integrity on your part. We don't even have a special discount price for 'friends'. We have many friends and our prices are what they pay. We assume you want us to treat all of our friends equally and fairly?

Don't Pick On The Little Guy

When your shopping items have gone through the supermarket checkout at Coles or Woolworths, do you then ask for a discount? Thought not. They're big companies and their prices are generally competitive and not negotiable. So you don't ask.

So what is different about our local dive shop that you feel entitled to ask for a discount?

We Don't Try To Trick You

Yes, we know that there are dive shops that sell products at prices way above the Recommended Retail Price (RRP). Sometimes they may discount their inflated prices back down to the RRP. But we don't do that here.

75% of our sales happen online. Thus we compete 24x7 in a national and international marketplace. We're good at it. Our prices are very competitive. Compare them with our competitors for yourself and you'll see.

Why We Don't Price Match

We can't always have the lowest prices available on everything, but we do the best we can. Sometimes other shops may have been able to negotiate a special deal with a supplier, and thus offer a better price than us. This is why we don't price match. To match prices set because of a special deal we don't have access to is a recipe for failure. If price is your only concern, buy it at the special price from the other place. Then we'll still be here to help you next time.

In order to be able to provide you with great customer service and true value for money, plus feed our families and stay in business, our prices are what they are.

So again we ask, why do you believe you are entitled to a special discount we don't provide to the rest of Australia?

Be Careful About What You Ask For

Do you still want an extra discount?

Yes, it would be an 'extra' discount. Almost all of our prices are already discounted, some by as much as 70% off RRP. So, like Oliver Twist, do you still want some more?

If you do still want an extra discount, depending on the items, our store owner may offer you his standard response to people asking for a discount.

"Because you've asked for a discount, your price is now 10% off RRP." And he'll do it with a wry smile.

You're not going to like that outcome. Because you'll have to pay more than our regular, or special prices. Yes, more! When our price is already 25% off RRP, paying 10% off RRP is significantly more.

So, do you still want a discount?

Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP)

We have a dilemma! We are a fully authorised dealer for all the products we sell. That means you will always get a full manufacturers warranty on all the scuba gear you buy from us, and you'll get the customer service that made our company what it is today.

However, to maintain their Authorised Scuba Dealer status there are some brands who require us to show some or all of their products at the full Recommended Retail Price (RRP). It's a policy that some brands use to up hold the retail pricing of their products. In overseas markets this is typically referred to as a Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) policy.

We wish to remain an authorised dealer for those brands. So, our prices from those brands on products covered by their MAP policy will be at the full RRP. It's required by those brands! If we don't comply they will simply stop supplying us with all of their products.

Our Policy On Buy Now, Pay Later

No Afterpay or ZipPay

We don't offer "buy now, pay later" options such as Afterpay, ZipPay etc. The stark reality is that these schemes prey on the "get it now" attitude of consumers. There are no legal safeguards in place to prevent these schemes from preying on those who can't repay on time. They are not regulated by the National Credit Act, they are not required to consider income and existing debts of potential customers when they provide a loan. They profit more when people are unable to pay on time and are forced to pay late fees. They are unfairly profiting from this perverse incentive.

These "buy now, pay later" services prevent merchants from passing on the high costs of their services to customers. Thus they skew the market by hiding the true cost of using these kinds of services.

Many merchants offering "buy now, pay later" payment options are forced to increase their prices for all shoppers in order to recoup the "buy now, pay later" service costs through higher prices. These "buy now, pay later" offerings also direct customers away from lower cost payments options.

We prefer to protect our customers from "debt vultures", keep our prices to customers low, and provide customers with lower cost payment options such as direct bank transfers, credit cards, and PayPal.

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