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Whether you are an instructor or a diver, using the IST Freediving Buoy is convenient, easy and a real pleasure to use. It offers the durability of a technical diving BCD, but still keeps the simplicity and convenience of a freediving buoy. Great for all apnea diving, including freediving and spearfishing. Also great for diving instructors doing early appropriate dive courses.

The outer shell is designed in the same concept as a technical BCD air cell. Perfectly covers the inner tire, keeping it away from sunlight and preventing distortion.

The IST Freediving Buoy is essential if you really want to progress in-depth or freedive safely.

  • The freediving buoy allows you to hang onto something and relax in between dives
  • In murky water, following a line or the shape of the buoy back to the surface keeps you close to your buddy
  • Your dive buddy will be able to know where you're diving at all times
  • The float can hold water, snacks, and freediving accessories

Attaching The Descending Line
Disorientation, getting lost underwater and being swept away by the current is always a possibility in freediving. This can easily be addressed with the use of a descending line. Descending lines can give you a reference and can be attached to the freediving buoy at the surface and connected to a weight system at the bottom. If you don't have a freediving computer, you can use the line to know how deep you are. A lanyard can connect you to the line just in case you back out or need help.

Provides A Resting Place In Between Dives
This freediving buoy has handle ropes that you can hold while resting in between dives. This allows you to recharge your energy levels. It also relaxes you, which in turn, lowers down your heart rate–essential if you want to prolong your dive time. Without a freediving buoy, you will be treading water the whole time you are on the surface. It really isn't possible to do a proper breath up like this. You'll be wasting energy leading to shorter dive times, muscle fatigue and cramps.

Storage For Accessories And Essentials
Thirsty? Hungry? Want to try out your new nose clip? You can bring a small bottle of water or food pack and place it in the storage area in the freediving buoy. This means that you can hydrate anytime while you're in the water and without going back to the boat or to the shore. The storage area can also be a place to store a first aid kit, flashlight, and other small accessories. You can even bring your camera for some epic underwater shots.

Acts As A Surface Marker
The IST Freediving Buoy is brightly coloured making it highly visible at the surface. This is very important in marking your presence on the water, especially for passing boats. And, without the stress of worrying about whether or not a boat will see you, your dive will be much more relaxed.

IST Freediving Buoy Features

  • Heavy duty 600D PU coated polyester fabric for outer shell. The same material used in a technical BCD air cell, with the advantage of light-weight, wear-resistance but eco-friendly
  • Ultra high-grade rubber for inner tire, same as trucks - 38 cm (15 inch) inner diameter
  • Big dive flag attached for surface awareness
  • Add-on mesh bag inside for storing gear - 25.5 cm x 23 cm
  • Extra handles on top for easier carrying
  • Two YKK #10 zips at from cover for easy operation and also prevent stuffs from falling out
  • Enough space to store at least 80 metres of 10 mm freediving rope. (Capacity: 13.7 Litres)
  • Sewing with superior Bonded Nylon, which is stronger and has higher heat tolerance
  • Two shoulder straps designed for easier carrying
  • Four stainless steel grommets at bottom to easily drain water
  • Two stainless steel D-rings are fixed at the bottom with extra durable 50 mm (2-inch) polyester webbing for divers to connect weight and rope. (Max. loading 300KG/660lb)
  • One extra stainless steel D-ring inside the buoy for storage ropes with tidy
  • Three stainless steel D-rings at sides of the buoy for connecting with other buoys if necessary
  • Six handles located around the buoy allows several divers to use it at the same time
  • Comes with a tire inflation adapter can be connected to a BC hose

Size: 75 cm in diameter x 21 cm high

(07/22 MDG)

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