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IST Sports Ratchet Reel with Handle - 45 metre (150 ft) Line

IST Sports


The IST Ratchet Reel is perfect for deploying Delayed SMB's from depths up to 45 metres. Its large handle makes it easy to grip and handle, even with thick gloves on, while deploying your DSMB.

This unique, high impact and corrosion-resistant plastic reel is extremely durable and feature a unique, thumb-operated, ratchet lever line payout design. Press the lever and the spool releases line, stop pressing and the ratchet lever stops spool from turning. The spring-loaded ratchet lock with a large, grooved lever allows for single-handed locking or unlocking of the line with a simple thumb push.

To attach the reel to your equipment, the reel has a corrosion-resistant, stainless steel, spring-loaded 360-degree swivel bolt snap. This heavy-duty, 3.5 inch bolt snap in corrosion-resistant stainless steel provides a convenient attachment point and allows for hanging the spool from a belt, BCD or fixed hook on a boat or pier.

The reel comes preloaded with 45 metres (150 ft) of braided nylon guideline in high-visibility white. This strong and durable line has a special braid capable of holding a maximum 80 kg (176 lb) of dry weight.

This reel features a durable winding handle to quickly and easily play the line out or reel it in. The frame includes a stainless steel, closed U-hook for threading or tying off the line, to ensure tangle-free operation.

The high-visibility, Neon Yellow spool makes this ratchet reel easy to find. The reel positions the handle on top, which helps divers who use a handheld dive light to hold both the light and the reel in one hand, freeing the other hand to work the reel. Essential safety equipment for cave dives, night dives, wreck dives, and other conditions where divers may become disoriented underwater.

IST Ratchet Reel 45m Features

  • Large Diver's Reel Designed for Open Water Recreational Diving
  • Preloaded Reel contains 45 metres (150 ft) of braided nylon guide line in high-visibility white
  • Strong line with special braiding, capable of holding onto object with maximum 80 kg (176 lb) dry weight
  • Handle On-Top for Holding Handheld Light and Reel in One-Hand
    Frees Other Hand to Work Reel
  • Winding handle to quickly and easily play the line out or reel it in
  • Ratcheted system allows better control of the line when paying out and reeling in
  • Ratchet lock with large lever for single-handed operation
  • Thumb-Operated, Ratchet Lever Line Payout Design:
    • Press Lever and Spool Allows Line to Pay-Out
    • Stop Pressing and Ratchet Lever Stops Spool from Turning
  • 3.5 inch heavy duty corrosion-resistant stainless steel bolt snap
  • Reel and carrying handle made from tough, durable, lightweight ABS material
  • High-visibility, Neon Yellow spool
  • Essential safety equipment for cave dives, night dives, wreck dives, other conditions where divers may become disoriented underwater
  • Colour: Neon Yellow

Spool diameter: 80 mm
Spool width: 50 mm

Warning: As instructed, you SHOULD NOT have a reel attached to any part of your kit when sending an SMB to the surface. The reel should be lightly held so that it is possible to let it go easily if necessary.

(11/22 HS)

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