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Dolphin Tech Lift Bag - 45kg (100 lb)

Dolphin Tech
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When you need to safely and quickly transport game, salvage, dive weights, spare equipment or anything else weighing up to 45.4 kg (100 lb) from the depths to the surface, the IST LB-100 Dolphin Tech 100 pound Lift Bag with Auto Dump Valve, Self-Seal Bottom has you covered.

You've just found a massive anchor and can't figure out how you can get this prize back to the surface. You need a large-capacity, heavy-duty lift bag. You never know what you're going to find on a dive that is worth money, so always pack a lift bag when you go diving. This massive lift bag is easy to inflate using the combined oral and quick disconnect inflator.

With its 3-dimensional construction design, which offers a cylindrical shape when inflated, the IST LB-100 is much more stable than a flat-design bag when deployed. But that's only the beginning of this lift bag's feature set.

Rugged Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) coated, 210D Nylon body is built to last and withstand wear. Overpressure relief valve with pull cord prevents damage or bursting from over inflation, allows for fast and easy inflation adjustments underwater to control ascent speed, and fast deflation at the surface. Self-sealing gas chamber means no fumbling underwater.

Lift straps with 304-grade stainless steel D-ring at the bottom provide an attachment point for rigging. A loop at the top can be used for the attachment of a light or strobe to improve surface visibility day or night, and/or a slate to provide instructions or describe the lifted contents to those at the surface. The lift bag also doubles as a surface signal buoy when a strobe or chemical light is attached to the top.

When deflated, the bag rolls up to a compact size and secures with two built-in top bungee loops so you can stow it in a BC pocket until you need it. When rolled up, it's also easily stored on the boat or in a gear bag.

Once you have your prize at the surface, the lift bag is also equipped with a sturdy, webbed nylon lifting handle at the top for easy retrieval from the water or hoisting onto a boat or dock. So, don't be caught without one when you go diving. You never know what treasures you may find!

Dolphin Tech Lift Bag - 45kg (100 lb) Features

  • Durable TPU coated, 210D Nylon bag with sturdy webbed straps
  • Combined Oral and Quick Disconnect inflation
  • Self-sealing gas chamber
  • 3D shape when inflated offers increased stability
  • Over Pressure Relief Valve with Manual Dump pull cord
  • Lift capacity: 100 lb (45.4 kg)
  • 304 stainless steel D-rings
  • Rolls up and secures with 2 bungee loops for compact storage

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