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Kraken Universal Smart Phone Underwater Housing Pro

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Whether you are diving at home, or at an exotic location, the Kraken Smart Phone Housing Pro is the best choice for getting amazing underwater photos with your phone. Nowadays, everyone owns a smartphone and can capture high-quality photos and videos. Kraken is offering a compact and durable underwater housing which is compatible with most popular smartphones available on the market. There are various wet lenses available whether you shoot wide-angle or macro.

The Kraken Universal Smart Housing Pro includes a temperature and depth sensor, plus has an adjustable shim system allowing you to fit most popular smartphones on the market into it.

Kraken also have another great feature built-in, a vacuum port system! No longer worry about if your seal is safe. Simply give a couple pulls on the vacuum pump (included) and the housing will let you know that it has a vacuum and is safe to dive. Kraken has a wide-angle, and macro lens available too. Free app for both Android and iOS smartphones available to download. Housing is made of anodised aluminium.

There are two versions of the housing, one includes a temperature and depth sensor, the other does not. THIS HOUSING INCLUDES THE SENSORS.

Accessories such as a wide-angle lens and macro lens are also available and fit on a 52mm or 67mm mount (lenses and mount sold separately).

Compatible Smartphones

Maximum phone dimensions are 158 mm in height, 83mm in width, and 9 mm in thickness. The phone should have a flat back, curved back phones will not sit in the housing properly. If your phone is the above dimensions or less you should have no problem using the housing.

Some people have difficulty understanding this. To find your phone's dimensions try looking at, if the dimensions are less than the ones provided above your phone should work fine in the Kraken housing.

The housing will fit Apple iPhone 5/6/7/8/X including the 6+/7+/8+/X, they are slightly over the maximum dimensions but will still fit. THE IPHONE X WILL FIT.

The housing will fit most flagship Android smartphones including Galaxy S8/S9, LG G6, Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2. Just check the dimensions, if it's within those maximum dimensions, it will work!

Samsung Note 9 WILL NOT fit.

Please everyone, we do not have the ability to test every phone on the market, look up your phone's dimensions, if they are less than the maximum dimensions stated above your phone will work. If your phone is greater than the maximum dimensions the phone will not fit in the case.

Depth Rating: 80 metres (263 ft)

iOS and Android Apps

We are proud to announce the Kraken housing now supports the Dive+ app. With built-in colour correction, dive computer, compass, and auto dive log feature (KRH01) it is a game-changer! Full manual camera control supported for iOS currently, and about another 30 days for Android. You can find the app on the play store, or app store, or visit

The original Kraken app is still functioning and can be found in the app store, or to download for Android at the button below. All further development will happen on the Dive+ app though.

PLEASE NOTE, DO NOT CONNECT TO THE HOUSING FROM YOUR BLUETOOTH MENU. YOU MUST LET THE APP DO THE CONNECTION. If you connect through your Bluetooth menu, you will not see the housing in the app. If you have connected through the Bluetooth menu simply forget the 'Kraken' housing.

Android users — Please try out our latest app option. Download 'Kraken Housing Camera' in the Playstore store or from this link.

To use it simply go into the settings, enable the remote control, and then select your housing from the available remotes. This was adapted from Open Camera and was done by one of our users, thanks Edouard.

Kraken Sports Universal Smart Phone Housing Pro Features

  • Small, compact and lightweight
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Produces stunning results
  • Great to travel with
  • Temperature and Depth Sensors
  • Built-in Vacuum Port System
  • Free app for both Android and iOS available
  • Housing is made from Anodized Aluminium
  • Maximum phone dimensions are 158 mm in height, 83mm in width, and 9 mm in thickness
  • Housing now supports the Dive+ app
  • Depth rating: 80 metres (263 ft)

This Universal Housing for smart phones is also known as the Weefine Universal Smart Housing Pro - WFH01

Drop Ship:
This is not a regularly stocked item in our Rye dive shop. It will be ordered for you from the Australian distributor upon request and typically shipped directly from them to you the same day or next business day thus resulting in no delay in delivery. However, if they are out of stock this item becomes a special international order, typically resulting in a 4-week delay.

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