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Apollo BCS Drysuit with Socks - Unisex

DS3500*SK - SO
Apollo Scuba
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The new Apollo Bio Comfort Shell (BCS) Drysuit with Socks utilises Biotex, the latest and most advanced drysuit material to date. With its flexibility and breathability, the Apollo BCS Drysuit offers superior movement and comfort in and out of the water. The Apollo BCS drysuit is available with Socks in six Unisex sizes.

State of the Art Comfortable Shell Dry Suit

Comfortable Shell Dry Suit
By adopting the latest material with high moisture permeability, it reduces stuffiness in the suit even when working on the shore or on the ship, realising excellent comfort. It also possesses water pressure resistance and can be used in conjunction with underwater work. Also improve the movableness by reviewing the cutting.

Biotex Highly Moisture Permeable Material
The Biotex Nonporous Membrane material features water pressure resistance of 25,000 mm. This material prevents water with a diameter of 100µm from penetrating and realises high moisture permeability and waterproofness by permeating water vapor with a diameter of about 0.0004µm through a microscopic intermolecular clearance constituted by micro randomly.

In addition 'Cordura Nylon 330 Denier', which boasts overwhelming abrasion resistance, is used for the outer layer. This adds outstanding durability even in harsh fields such as rescue work and work diving. Biotex provides overwhelming squeeze resistance, pressure resistance, moisture permeability, and durability compared to conventional products. It draws a line with the conventional moisture permeable fabric which was plagued by instability of waterproofness etc.

This Biotex material takes away the heat of vaporisation by efficiently dissipating the sweat to the outside, giving a refreshing feeling on dive boats or on the land, even in summer. It provides superior compared to neoprene dry suits and conventional shell dry suits.

The moisture permeability of the Biotex fabric is measured by the B-1 test method of JIS L 1099:2012.

Standard Large Thigh Pocket
A high capacity pocket is standard on the right thigh. When not in use, the pocket can be flattened by fixing side gussets with Velcro. The large pocket is equipped with a partition with a D-ring inside, a small storage with zipper in the flap, and tactical belts outside.
Size: 190 x 275 x 60 mm

Bio Dry Valve System
The Apollo original, state of the art technology 'Bio-Dry' valve system sets a new benchmark. With a low profile design, performance, easy operability and safety, the Bio-Dry valve system helps make the Apollo BCS Drysuit the cut above other suits in the market worldwide. (Note: Thee valves are all field serviceable.)

Neck and Wrist Seals
The special neoprene material Apollo use for both the neck and wrist seals is superior in seal performance and durability to all others. In addition, the inside of the wrist seal is repel coated for smooth entry and improved fit.

Waterproof Zipper
Non-metallic waterproof zipper made by TIZIP. While having high durability, it is also excellent in flexibility and reducing stress when wearing. A protection cover for the zipper is also built in.

Strengthened Durability of Hip, Knee and Elbow
Reinforcement materials are welded to parts where high durability and wear resistance are required such as the buttocks, knees and elbows. Since Apollo uses such supple and durable materials they do not inhibit natural land or diving based movements and activities.

Enhanced Waterproofing
As a result of over 2,000 pressurisation / decompression chamber tests, Apollo have developed a proprietary waterproof seam adhesion process instead of the conventional automatic machine sealing. This results in a far stronger leak resistant seam.

Apollo BCS Drysuit with Socks Specifications

  • Colour: Black
  • Sizes: S, M, M/L, L, XL, XXL (6 sizes)
  • Materials:
    • Suit: Biotex
    • Neck Seal: Neoprene, 3 mm thickness
    • Wrist Seal: Neoprene with RS coating, 5 mm thickness
    • Protection: Tough fabric. Thermal welding at knees, elbows, and buttocks
    • Zipper: TIZIP diagonal in front
  • Valves:
    • Inlet Valve: Bio Dry Inlet Valve
    • Exhaust Valve: Bio Dry Exhaust Valve
  • Socks: Standard without Foot valve (boot option also available with foot valve)
  • Pocket: Large - On Right Thigh - Standard
  • Suspenders: Standard

Apollo BCS Unisex Drysuit with Socks Sizes

  • S - Boot Size 26 (DS35000SK)
  • M - Boot Size 27 (DS35001SK)
  • M/L - Boot Size 28 (DS35002SK)
  • L - Boot Size 29 (DS35003SK)
  • XL - Boot Size 30 (DS35004SK)
  • XXL - Boot Size 31 (DS35005SK)

Standard Warranty Terms

  • Warranty applies to: Initial purchaser only
  • Warranty period: 2 years from the day of purchase for recreational diving use
  • Warranty period starts: From the day of purchase
  • Warranty covers: Fabric, Craftsmanship, Seal of seams
  • TIZIP Waterproof Zipper: First dive only within 3 months
  • Valves: 12 months, excluding damages due to improper maintenance
  • Wrist and neck seals: 12 months, excluding damages due to improper use, dressing, undressing, etc.
  • Socks: 12 months, excluding damages due to improper use
  • Marking and Labels: 12 months
  • Warranty does not cover: Misuse, accidental or intentional damage, damage due to unauthorised modifications, improper repairs or improper storage and maintenance. Problems due to order error or subsequent body shape change. Valve consumables, normal wear and tear.

The Apollo Bio Comfort Shell Drysuit with Boots is also available.

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Please note that because we order the item specifically for you, we sadly can’t offer a return, so please choose the size and colour carefully.

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