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Atomic Aquatics T3 Regulator Set

Atomic Aquatics
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The Atomic Aquatics T3 forges a new titanium standard as the absolute finest regulator you can own, regardless of price. The T3 is Atomic Aquatics signature regulator, providing you unprecedented reliability and performance. Amazing light-weight and dependable materials makes it the perfect choice for travel. You'll dive confidently in exotic locations, where service is hard to find. Atomic Aquatics was the first to design and manufacture an all titanium diving regulator. This exotic metal was chosen for its absolute corrosion resistance in ocean water, its strength, and its amazing light weight.

Scubalab Testers Choice Regulator 2013
Made for divers who want the best, virtually every tester put the T3 at the top of their Favorites list, making it the undisputed Testers' Choice.

Atomic Aquatics T3 First Stage Regulator

The Atomic Aquatics T3 first stage has the features you have come accustomed to in an Atomic Aquatics regulator design. The T3 is a balanced flow-thru piston design using Atomics jet seat high flow monel piston. Exclusive high-pressure piston seal system is self-lubricating for low friction and low maintenance. The Atomic jet seat system has no sharp edges that can damage the seat over time, like most competitors' first stages. Instead, Atomic employs a conical seat and blunt end piston. Atomic's valve seats are precision machined from an extremely strong aerospace specification seat material. This design combination is the most reliable seat system in the industry and enables the seat to go 3-years or 300 dives without service. Diving performance is superior at even low tank pressure.

The Atomic Aquatics T3 is also freeze protected with a factory sealed first stage that also prevents contamination such as silt and sand entering the mechanism. The regulator is Nitrox ready for mixtures up to 40% out-of-the-box. The first-stage has 2 high-pressure (HP) 7/16" and 5 low-pressure (LP) 3/8" ports. The LP ports are on a swivel turret for ease of hose routing.

Atomic Aquatics T3 Second Stage Regulator

The Atomic Aquatics T3 second-stage is a balanced linear flow design for extremely easy breathing at all depths and dive conditions. Like the first-stage the T3 second-stage is built-to-last with a titanium demand valve body, lever and sealing orifice. The diaphragm is made from high quality silicone rubber. This pneumatically-balanced poppet second-stage has Atomics patented seat saving dynamic orifice which unlike most second-stage orifices is a floating valve design which reduces wear on the second-stage poppet seat when the regulator is not pressurized adding life to this important seal.

The Atomic Aquatics T3 second-stage regulator is equipped with Atomic's patented automatic flow control (AFC). This unique diaphragm activated vain automatically controls the flow and venturi-effect of the second-stage for optimum breathing resistance at all depths. The second-stage does have a soft over moulded rapid adjustment knob for rare special situations. If you have ever experience the pulling effect of the regulator second-stage when you turn your head underwater, those days are gone with Atomics all titanium comfort swivel with a black PVD coating. Perhaps one of the most admired features of Atomic second stages is the patented comfort swivel which allows 30° rotational movement without binding or kinking.

The Atomic Aquatics T3 has a new high-flow second stage case and magnum lever design that significantly lowers breathing effort at any depth from shallow water to beyond the limits. A dual material second stage cover enables entire front to be used for purging and a dual silicone comfort fit mouthpiece with tear resistant bite tabs. The T3 has a metal accented front cover ring. The regulator comes equipped with a 3/8" threaded, 81.3 cm (32 in) long low pressure hose. Comes with an owner's manual and travel bag.

Atomic Aquatics Regulator Bag

The regulator and instruments are the heart of your life support system for diving. Want maximum protection for your regulator set-up, maybe with long hose, dive computer, and other instruments? Don't skimp on protection, use the Atomic Padded Regulator Bag. Keep your regulators and expensive equipment separate from the rest of the gear. This bag is large enough to hold regulator, gauges, and an octopus. This fully padded bag measures 42 cm x 29 cm x 13 cm (16.5" x 11.5" x 5") with a volume of 18.5 litres (1,129 cubic inches) and is made of rugged 1050 Denier nylon. Bag features a reinforced, contoured rubber grip covered carry handle for comfort while carrying and comes equipped with a detachable, padded shoulder strap for ease of transport.

The Atomic Padded Regulator Bag boasts a padded internal compartment. The main compartment also features three more storage areas: a large, Velcro closure pocket, a smaller mesh zippered pocket, and fully lined zippered pocket. There is an external zippered compartment for items you need close at hand. Regulator bag is black in colour.

The Atomic Aquatics T3 Titanium Swivel Sealed Regulator is commonly used for Cold Water, Extreme Depths, Warm Water and more. The Atomic Aquatics T3 Titanium Swivel Sealed Regulator is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Advanced among others. The Atomic Aquatics T3 Titanium Swivel Sealed Regulator is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Atomic Aquatics T3 Titanium Swivel Sealed Regulator: Adjustable, Comfortable, Effortless breathing, Nitrox Compatible.

Atomic T3 Regulator Set Features

  • Nitrox Ready for Mixtures Up to 40% Out-of-the-Box
  • 3/8" Threaded, 81.3 cm (32") long Low Pressure Hose
  • Weight: DIN 734 g (1.6 lb), Yoke 794 g (1.8 lb)
  • Owner's Manual
  • Deluxe Padded Travel Bag
  • First-Stage:
    • Solid Titanium Construction
    • Monel Piston
    • Balanced Flow-Thru Piston Design
    • Atomics Jet Seat High-Flow Piston
    • Exclusive High-Pressure Piston Seal System is Self-Lubricating
    • Self-Lubricating for Low Friction and Low Maintenance
    • No Sharp Edges: Conical Seat and Blunt-End Piston
    • Precision Machined from an Extremely Strong Aerospace Specification Seat Material
    • Most Reliable Seat System in the Industry
    • Seat System: 3-Years or 300 Dives without Service
    • Freeze Protected with Factory-Sealed First-Stage
    • Freeze Protected: Prevents Contamination, Silt and Sand
    • 2 High-Pressure (HP) 7/16" Ports
    • 5 Low-Pressure (LP) 3/8" Ports
    • LP Port Swivel Turret for Ease of Hose Routing
  • Second-Stage:
    • Balanced Linear Flow Design
    • Pneumatically-Balanced Poppet Second-Stage
    • Built-to-Last: Titanium Demand Valve Body, Lever and Sealing Orifice
    • High Quality Silicone Rubber Diaphragm
    • Atomics Patented Seat Saving Dynamic Orifice
    • Unique Diaphragm Activated Vain Automatically Controls the Flow and Venturi-Effect (AFC)
    • New High-Flow Second Stage Case and Magnum Lever Design: Significantly-Lowers Breathing Effort
    • Optimum Breathing Resistance at All-Depths
    • Soft-Over-Molded Rapid Adjustment Knob for Rare Special Situations
    • Atomics Comfort Swivel: 30° Rotational Movement without Binding or Kinking
    • Comfort Swivel: All-Titanium with Black PVD Coating
    • Dual Material Second Stage Cover for Easier Purging
    • Dual Silicone Comfort Fit Mouthpiece with Tear-Resistant Bite Tabs
    • Metal Accented Front Cover Ring
  • Regulator Bag:
    • Regulator and Instruments: Heart of Life Support System
    • Maximum Protection for Regulator Set-Up
    • Don't Skimp on Protection
    • Keep Regulators and Expensive Equipment Separate from Rest of Gear
    • Large-Enough for Regulator, Gauges, and Octopus
    • Dimensions: 42 cm x 29 cm x 13 cm (16.5" x 11.5" x 5")
    • Volume: 18.5 litres (1,129 cubic inches)
    • Material: Rugged 1050 Denier Nylon
    • Reinforced, Contoured Rubber Grip Covered Carry Handle
    • Detachable, Padded Shoulder Strap for Ease-of-Transport
    • Padded Internal Compartment
    • Main Compartment: 3-Storage Areas: Large, hook and loop Closure Pocket, Smaller Mesh Zippered Pocket, and Fully Lined Zippered Pocket
    • External Zippered Compartment for Items Needed Close-at-Hand
    • Colour: Black

Regulator 1st Stage Type:
DIN (ATOMIC-03-0100-7P)
Yoke (ATOMIC-03-0100-6P)

(11/17 LRB)

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