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Ocean Design Moana Full Foot Fins plus Mask and Snorkel

FN0975* + MA06750 + SN09000 - SO
Ocean Design


This great package combines the Ocean Design Moana Full Foot Fins with an Apollo SVS Pelagio Mask, plus an Apollo SVS Pelagio Spearfishing Snorkel. That's sensational value for money for this great spearfishing and freediving combination!

Ocean Design Moana Full Foot Fins

The Ocean Design Moana Full Foot Fins are a high quality, great performance long fin with removable blade for use by both Men and Women.

Small sizes to fit women divers.

The Ocean Design Moana fins are characterised by their Thermo-Rubber Foot-Pocket and for the Angle between Foot-Pocket and Blade. With Traditional Fin Blades an Angle between the Heel of the Foot and the Calf of the Leg remains when the Leg is Extended-to-Kick. This Angle causes a loss of Propulsion. The Angled Blade Design of the Ocean Design Moana fins accommodates for this Anatomical Characteristic and Ensures Maximum Efficiency throughout the Kicking Cycle. The angle blade design results in Optimising the Power of the Push through the Water Relative to Effort. The use of Thermo-Rubber of Two-Different-Stiffness Compounds Increases Comfort over Normal Full Foot Pockets.

The interchangeable, Non-Vented Blades of the Ocean Design Moana Fins are produced in a Low-Modular Polypropylene Material. Extending from the Foot Pocket are Side Rails which add Stiffness to the Blade and prevent Water from Spilling over the Outer Edge of the Blade. The Blade of the Fin is also channeled. The Side Rails and Channels Focus the Movement of Water Down the Surface of the Blade Increasing Power.

Ocean Design Moana Spearfishing Full Foot Fin Features

  • Designed for Spearfishing and Freediving
  • Interchangeable Blades made from special technopolymer that maximises flexibility and reactivity
  • Long blades maximise thrust, minimising work
  • Comfortable Thermo-Rubber Foot-Pocket
  • Foot Pocket: Two-Different-Stiffness Compounds Increases Comfort over Normal Foot-Pockets
  • Blade: Low-Modular Polypropylene Material
  • Non-Vented Blades
  • Side Rails: Add Stiffness to Blade, Prevent Water from Spilling Over Blade Outer Edge
  • Blade Channels
  • Side Rails and Channels Focus Movement of Water Down Surface of Blade for Increased Power

Ocean Design Moana Full Foot Fin Sizes:
S (US 6.5 to 7.5)
M (US 8 to 9)
L (US 9.5 to 10.5)
XL (US 11 to 12)
XXL (US 12.5 to 14)

Free Apollo SVS Pelagio (Low Volume) Spearfishing Mask

The Apollo SV-S Pelagio Mask is a low volume, two lens mask ideal for spearfishing.

If your looking for a mask that has dual purpose our new Apollo SVS Pelagio mask is for you. Ideal for either Spear Fishing, Freediving, Scuba Diving or Snorkelling the Apollo SV-S Pelagio mask offers every feature you would look for. Super soft and comfortable low volume black silicone skirt for a perfect fit with revolutionary push button buckles that allow for quick and easy adjustment.

Apollo SV-S Pelagio Spearfishing Mask Features

  • Super soft high quality black silicone skirt
  • Very low volume for easy clearing and a wide field of view
  • Lens: 3 mm tempered glass
  • Skirt volume: 80 cc
  • Outer dimensions: 150 X 100 X 55 mm
  • Weight: 168 g

Free Apollo SVS Pelagio Spearfishing Snorkel

The Apollo SVS Pelagio 'J' Spearfishing Snorkel is a new high-tech Apollo snorkel that has been designed specifically for Spearfishing and Freediving, but is also suitable for Snorkelling.

The tube of the Apollo SVS Pelagio is built from a special polymer with amazing memory properties that allow the snorkel to bend against objects and then spring back into its original position.

The anatomical designed mouthpiece in made from black hypoallergenic silicone that maximises comfort even after prolonged use.

Apollo SVS Pelagio Spearfishing Snorkel Features

  • Polyurethane tube for maximum memory
  • Soft orthodontic black hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece
  • Simple, easy to use black silicone snorkel keeper
  • Weight: 67 g

Fin, Mask and Snorkel Colour: Black

Special Order
We don’t keep this item in stock, but we would love to order it in from our supplier especially for you. This will mean approximately an additional 5 days for delivery.
Please note that because we order the item specifically for you, we sadly can’t offer a return, so please choose the size and colour carefully.

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