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Sterling Adjustable Hookah 2nd Stage Regulator

SL-ST202** - ADJ
Sterling Leisure

The Sterling Hookah 2nd Stage is one of the best Adjustable Surface Supply Regulators on the market for Hookah use. It is a reliable, great breathing regulator that is adjustable. The overbuilt design is ideal for heavy commercial use.

The Sterling Hookah Second Stage Regulator is offered with 100 psi Low Pressure Springs.

Compressor based hookah systems supply the Breathing Gas from a Low-Pressure Specialty Compressor above the water. In this case the Intermediate Pressure is most commonly supplied in the 75 to 100 psi (5.2 to 6.9 bar) Range.

Cylinder based Hookah Systems supply the Breathing Gas by leaving the dive Cylinder(s) on the Surface with a Long Low-Pressure Hose between the First and Second Stages Regulators. In this case, the Intermediate Pressure generally will fall in a range of 110 to 140 psi (7.6 to 9.65 bar).

The Sterling Hookah Second Stage Regulator is ready to use with most surface supplied breathing gas hookah systems. The adjustment screw on the side of the second stage allows you to breathe easier when the pressure drops with depth.

Low price and great performance. The Sterling Hookah Regulator delivers great performance from a budget second stage regulator.

Most 2nd stage demand valve regulators are calibrated and then tuned for the middle of the road performance. Non-adjustable 2nd stage regulators do not allow the diver to choose the performance level they would like from their regulator.

The Sterling Adjustable 2nd Stage Hookah Regulator allows you to increase the performance of your regulator with the twist of a knob. This gives you the choice you need if you either choose or end up in a situation where the extra performance or air may be needed.

A Robust, Over-Built design for Heavy Commercial Style Use will give you years of Reliable Service. The Simple Downstream Demand Valve Design provides Low Maintenance and Ease of Service. Hookah Regulator has a Venturi Deflector to Prevent Accidental Free Flows and a Large Easy-to-Reach Purge Button for Clearing the Regulator Second Stage. The Low-Profile Exhaust Tee Lowers Exhalation Effort. The Impact and Corrosion Resistant Plastic Housing with Chrome Plated Brass Fittings will keep you diving with confidence. This Hookah Second Stage comes without a Hose and is covered by a 12-month limited warranty.

Sterling Adjustable Hookah 2nd Stage Regulator Features:

  • Low Pressure Springs to Match Intermediate Pressure (IP) of 100 psi (6.9 bar) Range
  • Diver adjustable inhalation effort. You can use the knob to adjust the inhalation effort throughout the dive to allow for the change in line pressure typical with most hookah systems.
  • Simple Venturi Switch for easy Dive / Pre-Dive Adjustment
  • Commonly Used by Commercial Divers
  • Robust, Over-Built Design for Heavy Commercial Style Use
  • Years of Reliable Service
  • Simple Downstream Demand Valve Design
  • Low Maintenance and Ease of Service
  • Venturi deflector to prevent accidental free flows
  • Large Easy-to-Reach Purge Button
  • Low-Profile Exhaust Tee Lowers Exhalation Effort
  • Impact, Corrosion Resistant Plastic Housing
  • Chrome Plated Brass Fittings

Sterling Adjustable Hookah Regulator Specifications:

  • Valve type: Demand
  • Balancing system: Mechanical
  • Integrated purge button: Yes
  • Mouthpiece: Orthodontic
  • Nitrox compatibility: Standard to 40%
  • Weight (without hose): 180 g
  • Dimensions (front profile): 67 mm
  • Minimum cracking effort: Diver adjustable
  • Factory set inhalation effort: < 2.0 inches
  • Work of breathing: 0.9 Joules (average)
  • Warranty: 12 Months

(01/22 LRB)

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