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Suunto CB Two In Line 300 45 Combo Console - SPG and 45M Depth

524921 | SS005249210
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The Suunto CB Two In Line 300 45 Combo Console combines a Suunto SM-36 Surface Pressure Gauge (360 bar) with a Suunto SM-16 Depth Gauge (45 metres) in a sturdy Suunto two in line modular console.

Suunto SM-36 Pressure Gauge
An extremely compact cylinder pressure gauge incorporating a safety-pin-type tube and a gear mechanism, which provides outstanding accuracy and durability. The clear and bright phosphorescent dial face provides excellent readability, also in demanding conditions. The SM-36 pressure gauge is suitable for 300 bar (4000 psi) cylinders and has a 360 bar maximum value display. The colour coding on the dial is red screened from 0 to 50 bar for reserve air, and green-screened from 100 to 360 bar. Numerical pressure increments are 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 350 bar with 20 bar increment indicators.

Suunto SM-16 45 Metre Depth Gauge
The Suunto SM-16 depth gauge features a reliable Bourdon tube mechanism with a gear system, a maximum depth indicator, a zero-in facility for high altitude diving and a phosphorescent dial face. The maximum depth shown is 45 metres. The maximum depth indicator needle will mark your deepest depth reached on a dive. This feature is helpful when logging dive information, providing key information for repetitive dives. The depth gauge face is colour coded for ease at a glance reading, with a green screen form 0 to 6 metres and then from depths beyond the standard sport/recreational diving limits red screened from 40 to 45 metres. The gauge face has 3-metre numerical increments of depth from 0 to 15 metres, and then from 15 to 45 metres increments are 5 metres with 1-metre increment indicators full scale.

The Console is made from durable impact-resistant plastic and has multiple eyelets for attachment of a lanyard or clips. The SPG is equipped with a 7/16" threaded Miflex Carbon HD high-pressure hose.

Suunto CB2 In Line 300 45 Combo Console Features

  • Lightweight and Compact Modular Console
  • Durable Impact Resistant Boot
  • Compact All-In-One Console
  • Luminous Dials for Easy-Reading in Night or Low Light Conditions
  • Multiple Attachment Points for Lanyard or Clips
  • Suunto SM-16 45 Metre Depth Gauge:
    • Maximum Depth Indicator
    • Readout: 0 to 45 metres
    • Ease At-a-Glance Reading
    • Colour Coded Gauge Face:
      Green Screen from 0 to 6 metres
      Red Screened from 40 to 45 metres
    • 3 metre Numerical Increments of Depth from 0 to 15 metres
    • 15 to 45 metres Increments are 5 metres
    • 1 metre Increment Indicators Full Scale
  • Suunto SM-36 300 Bar Pressure Gauge:
    • Readout: 0 to 360 bar
    • Ease At-a-Glance Reading
    • Colour Coded Gauge Face:
      Red Screen form 0 to 50 bar
      Green Screened from 100 to 360 bar
    • Numerical Pressure Increments are 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 and 350 bar
    • 20 bar Increment Indicators
    • Excellent Reliability and Accuracy
    • Safety-Pin-Type Burdon Tube and Gear Mechanism
  • High Pessure Hose:
    • 7/16" Threaded High Pressure Miflex Carbon HD Hose
    • Manufactured in Accordance to EN250 Standard
    • Electro-Less Nickel-Plated Fittings and Viton O-Ring

The modular nature of this console means you can later add the Suunto SK-8/DS compass on to the reverse side of the Suunto CB-Two In Line 300 45 console to make a Suunto CB-Double In Line console. Or build a Suunto Three In Line console by adding a Suunto SK-8 compass on top of the Suunto Two In line console.

Suunto Warranty:

  • The International Limited Warranty Period starts at the date of original retail purchase.
  • The Warranty Period is five (5) years for failures attributable to the depth measurement (pressure) sensor on Suunto Dive Computers.
  • The Warranty Period is two (2) years for Dive Products and Dive transmitters unless otherwise specified.
  • The Warranty Period is one (1) year for accessories including but not limited to wireless sensors, chargers, cables, rechargeable batteries, straps, bracelets and hoses.

Note: This item cannot be delivered outside of Australia.

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