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Trident Rite-Bite Custom Mouldable Regulator Mouthpiece

Trident Diving Equipment


Experience the difference and feel that a custom orthopaedicly designed Trident Rite-Bite regulator mouthpiece makes on your very next dive! Create your own custom mouthpiece to suit your own personal dental profile. The Trident Rite Bite Mouthpiece was designed by a diving dentist to give the ultimate comfort for divers, especially those who have either an overbite or underbite.

The most outstanding benefit of having a properly fitted mouthpiece is less physical exertion is needed when using a second stage equipped with this mouthpiece, leaving the diver with significantly reduced jaw fatigue.

The Trident Rite-Bite is a mouldable mouthpiece designed to precisely fit the individual diver's mouth, teeth, gums and jaw configuration to provide maximum support of a regulator and, thus, eliminate jaw fatigue. The professional as well as the recreational diver will find the Trident Rite-Bite mouthpiece to be extremely well suited for all types of diving conditions.

Trident Rite-Bite Custom Mouldable Mouthpiece Features

  • Create your own custom regulator mouthpiece to suit your own personal dental profile
  • Less physical exertion is needed when using a second stage equipped with this mouthpiece
  • Offset for both upper and lower jaw
  • Free storage plug protect regulator from debris and unwelcome guests
  • Attachment protects from debris from getting regulator during storage
  • Fits most standard orifice regulators
  • Zip tie included

Colour: Black

Fits most standard orifice regulators (size 1-1/4" X 3/4" / 32 mm x 19 mm) which includes:
Apollo; Aqua-Lung - older metal regulators; Beuchat Evolution, Iceberg and Nitrox, Vxt8, VXT Octo, VX4, Bridgestone; Cressi-sub (except Ellipse); Dacor - After 1992; Dive Buddy; IST (except Proline); NDS; Ocean Master; Pro Sub (Avalon); Saeko-Line; SAS; Scuba Pro (except A700); Seac; Sherwood (most early models Brut, Shadow, Magnum Ii, Oasis, pre 1992 Blizzard); Spare Air; Tabata/Tusa (not Tusa Imprix).

Zip tie included to fix mouthpiece in place.

Recommendations and Warnings

Prior to the use of this product, you should determine the safety, suitability and fitness of the product for it's intended use. Neither Trident, the manufacturer, or the seller assume any liability arising out of the use or misuse of this product.

Those suffering from diseases or inflammation of the teeth or gums, wearers of dentures or are wearers of crowns or have other dental issues should consult with their dentist before using or customising a Rite-Bite mouthpiece.

The Rite-Bite mouthpiece can be reshaped several times. For this reason, always keep the customisation devices. Any excess material that may extrude after customisation, can be removed using scissors.


  • Never use Rite-Bite with the customisation devices inserted.
  • Keep your Rite-Bite mouthpiece away from heat sources and direct sunlight as it could deform.

Trident Rite-Bite Mouldable Regulator Mouthpiece Parts

Items included with the Rite-Bite mouthpiece for use during the customisation process

Trident Bite-Rite Mouthpiece Details

Device A (The Holder Tab)
This simplifies the customisation of the mouthpiece and prevents any deformation of the dispenser cavity that slips over the SCUBA regulator.

Device B (2 Pieces) (Lateral Stops)
These are inserted in the mouthpiece sides to maintain the optimum thickness of material between the upper and lower teeth during customisation.
They are to be removed after the customisation process is complete, and kept for future customisation processes.

"UP" Symbol

The letters UP that are raised on the side of the mouthpiece that helps to describe the correct position of the mouthpiece in your mouth:

If you have an overbite:
The "UP" position of the mouthpiece will be upward in your mouth during the customisation process, and on your SCUBA regulator after the customisation process.

If you have an underbite:
The "UP" position of the mouthpiece will be downward in your mouth during the customisation process, and on your SCUBA regulator after the customisation process.

Trident Bite-Rite Mouthpiece Customisation

The correct customisation of the regulator mouthpiece is critical to the success of using this product. Please fully follow these required steps.

Materials Required

Before beginning the customisation process assemble the following materials:

  • 3 litre (3 quart) saucepan, or a pan at least 15 cm (6 inch) diameter and 10 cm (4 inch) deep
  • Sharp pair of scissors for trimming the mouthpiece end tips
  • Mirror for seeing a centred alignment of the mouthpiece in your mouth during the customisation process
  • Container of cold water large enough to cool the complete mouthpiece after customisation

Determining The Proper Positioning For Your Jaw:

Unlike conventional mouthpieces, the Rite-Bite mouthpiece must fit your mouth and jaw configuration precisely. Therefore, it has to be positioned in your mouth properly.

Most people have an overbite:
A dental condition where your front teeth extend over your lower teeth while biting down normally.

If you have an overbite:
The "UP" position of the mouthpiece will be upward in your mouth during the customisation process, and on your SCUBA regulator after the customisation process.

If you have an underbite:
The "UP" position of the mouthpiece will be downward in your mouth during the customisation process, and on your SCUBA regulator after the customisation process.

The Positioning Is Very Important For Maximum Comfort and Effectiveness.

Prior To Beginning The Customisation of The Mouthpiece

Make sure that devices A and B are inserted correctly.

Know whether the "UP" position on the mouthpiece will be upward or downward in your mouth while customising, i.e. the UP symbol facing the upper teeth or lower teeth, determined by you having an over or under bite.

Practice inserting the mouthpiece into your mouth prior to heating to build confidence for the next steps in the customisation procedure. At this point the unit has not been moulded and will not yet feel comfortable.

You will note that, unlike conventional mouthpieces, that the Rite-Bite mouthpiece extends back to include all of your teeth. If the mouthpiece bite wing tips touch the back of your mouth beyond the last teeth, use scissors to trim off a small portion of each bite wing tip.
Note: Only off 1/8th inch of the tips at a time!
Retry the mouthpiece in your mouth before trimming more.
Trim only enough to clear the back of your mouth.

Beginning The Customisation Process

In a 3 litre (3 quart) saucepan, or a pan at least 15 cm (6 in) diameter and deep enough to hold 10 cm (4 in) of water), fill with water to at least 10 cm (4 in) depth.

Bring water to a vigorous and rolling boil. Remove from heat and let water sit a few moments until the bubbling stops.

Holding the mouthpiece with Device A with the bite tips pointed down, and with Devices B inserted:

  • Submerge the bite portion into the hot water up to the top of the bite piece portion area of the mouthpiece.
  • Do Not Put The Regulator End Into The Water
  • Do Not Immerse The Entire Mouthpiece!

Hold the mouthpiece in this immersed position for 20 seconds.
Do Not Heat The Mouthpiece Beyond The 20 Seconds Or Immerse Beyond The Line Indicated As Damage To The Mouthpiece May Occur.

Remove from the hot water and shake off all water after removing it.
Do Not Place The Mouthpiece In Your Mouth If Hot Water Remains On It.

Immediately place the mouthpiece in your mouth with the word "UP" properly positioned for your over or under bite. Perform the following steps, working in front of a mirror to be sure the mouthpiece is centered under your nose:

Know the pre-determined "UP" position of the mouthpiece.
Place the mouthpiece in the mouth immediately after shaking off the excess hot water.

Clench the teeth and close the mouth.
Bite down firmly for a few seconds to obtain ideal adhesion around the teeth.
Do Not Attempt To Bite Through The Mouthpiece.

While setting your teeth, press the inner portion of the bite wings against the inside of your teeth with your tongue. At the same time, press the outer edges of the bite wings against your teeth and gums by pressing your fingers firmly against your cheeks.

Do this for about 2 minutes, then remove the Rite-Bite mouthpiece and place it in the container of cold water for at least 3 minutes.

Remove the mouthpiece from the water and remove the customisation devices A and B. The mouthpiece is now custom moulded to your teeth and gums. Insert the mouthpiece into your mouth again and check for a comfortable fit.

Your customised Rite-Bite Mouthpiece is now ready to be installed on your regulator, using the plastic tie strap provided. Test the fit of your mouthpiece to the regulator for a proper fit. If you have any doubt about the proper fitting between your regulator and the mouthpiece bring it to your local dive store for inspection.

The Rite-Bite Mouthpiece Is Remouldable!

If you are not entirely satisfied with the initial fit, simply repeat the customisation process, making sure the unit is at room temperature before starting the customisation process again.

Repeat as often as necessary to achieve a comfortable fit. Do not remould immediately following any previous moulding without first thoroughly cooling off the mouthpiece.

What We Think

A bad mouthpiece can cause enough discomfort to ruin an otherwise perfect regulator. This mouldable mouthpiece is designed to provide a comfortable, personalised fit. Since it contacts all of your teeth, it's a lot longer than standard mouthpieces. Much more comfortable and less fatiguing. We find the moulding process (basically dip in hot water, bite down, repeat if necessary) quick and easy.

(06/22 HS)

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