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IST Proline Tank Band with SS Quick Release Cam Buckle

IST Proline
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The IST Proline Tank Band with Quick Release, Stainless Steel, Single Hinged Buckle design is often called the "ScubaPro" style cylinder strap. These are very easy to close and yet cinch the strap exceptionally tight.

There are two sizes to accommodate a wide range of tank diameter. The shorter one is for 5.25 inch (133 mm) diameter cylinders. The longer one is adjustable to accommodate 7.25 inch to 8 inch (184 to 203 mm) cylinders. Each size includes a sewn in non-slip pad and tank protector.

The standard 5.1 cm (2 in) width strap has a stainless steel hoop and buckle feature that allows complete separation of the buckle from the opposite end of the strap. This allows for removing and replacing your tank without having to lift the BC over the tank and jiggle the strap into place, or having to unthread the strap from the buckle.

IST Proline Quick Release S/S Hingle Buckle Cylinder Band Features

  • Quick-release design tank band, only need to be set up for one time
  • Material: P.P. webbing and 304 stainless steel cam buckle
  • Two Sizes to fit most common cylinder diameters

Two Sizes:
Small - For cylinders with 5.25" (133 mm) outside diameter (BP6-1)
Large - For cylinders with 7.25" and 8" (184 to 203 mm) outside diameter (BP6)

Priced and sold EACH. If you need a pair, please order two.

This style buckle has a reputation for pinching fingers. At the risk of seeming politically incorrect, many women prefer this hinged buckle design because it requires less strength to close a tight cinch and they are less likely to damage their fingernails when closing. Women protecting their nails will close the buckle with the palm or heel of their hand and tend to keep their fingers out of the hinge where it could be pinched. Just a thought...

(04/22 AJG)

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