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Divesoft Freedom Closed Circuit Computer

DS #8272 SO 09/22
$1,520.00 $1,368.00


The Divesoft Freedom Closed Circuit Wrist Dive Computer with colour TFT display is great for advanced technical, wreck and cave rebreather divers. It includes all features from previous versions, plus CCR on-line decompression with three oxygen cells connection possibility, and constant PO2 decompression algorithm. All for Nitrox and Helium diluent mixtures, and up to 9 off-board/bail-out gases. It features high quality and durability. It can be used in very harsh conditions.

The well-arranged TFT display is highly readable in harsh conditions and bad visibility. The Freedom has visual and vibrating alarms to grab your attention. The Divesoft Freedom displays are protected by protector display overlay.

Divesoft Freedom Closed Circuit Dive Computer Features

  • Up to nine full Trimix mixtures
  • Full colour TFT display
  • Durable aluminium body
  • SCR and CCR on-line decompression
  • Decompression algorithm ZHL-16 for air, nitrox, trimix and heliox with Gradient Factors
  • Optional deep stops
  • Standard stops/ceiling choice
  • Choice of last stop depth (3/6 metres)
  • Connection for three oxygen cells
  • High-precision depth sensor
  • Easy-to-use two button control
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Top industrial quality and long-life electronics
  • Vibrating alarms
  • Colour coded warnings
  • Advanced built-in dive planner
  • Five switchable screens during the dive including graphical dive profile
  • Ambient light detection and automatic light adjustment
  • Gauge mode
  • Separate Free Diving mode with sophisticated functions
  • Colour-coded modes for easy recognition
  • USB port for data transport
  • Reversible display for left/right hand
  • Decompression games
  • 300 metre (1,000 ft) maximum diving depth, 600 metres (2,000 ft) tested
  • Metric/imperial units
  • Textile strap or bungee
  • on-line application for data transfer, logging your dives and sharing with others with numerous functions
  • CE Certified

Divesoft Freedom decompression computers meet the most demanding requirements of the best technical divers, and also make diving safe and comfortable for sport divers and beginners. It's possible to choose from four versions which correspond with training levels of most training systems. They range from one to nine gas mixtures, from air to trimix, and on-line decompression for rebreathers.

You can choose from two variants of the fastening strap:
Fastening strap #1482, 35.5 cm long, or Fastening strap for dry suit #1483, 42.5 cm long.

Dimensions: 9 x 7 x 2.5 cm, screen 2.4"

Divesoft Freedom Closed Circuit contents:
- Freedom Closed Circuit computer #8059
- O2 cells connection cable #8076
- USB charger #8075
- bungee gum #1481
- fastening strap #1482, or fastening strap for dry suit #1483
- silicon protective sleeve #0832

Divesoft Freedom Dive Computer Range Feature Comparison

Features of FREEDOM versions
Version Mixtures Air Nitrox Oxygen Trimix SCR/CCR Modes
Basic Nitrox 1 YES up to 40% NO NO NO OC, Free, Gauge
Advanced Nitrox 3 YES YES YES NO NO OC, Free, Gauge
Full Trimix 9 YES YES YES YES NO OC, Free, Gauge
Closed Circuit 9 YES YES YES YES YES OC, Free, Gauge, CCR

Divesoft Freedom Dive Computer User manual for FW version 1.11 (EN)
(PDF, 71 pages, 2 Mb)

Detailed scheme of O2 Cells Connection Cable - Datasheet
(PDF, 4 pages, 422 Kb)

Cable sold Separately

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(09/22 HSW)

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