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IST Sports Silicone Grease / Mask Seal - 15g Tube OUT OF STOCK

IST-SGT-04 12/22
IST Sports


This 15 gram tube of IST Sports Silicone Grease and Mask Seal is suitable for use on most dive gear that does not need to be Oxygen clean. Also great as a Silicone Mask Seal.

Silicone Grease

Silicone Grease is an ideal lubricant for camera O-rings or servicing gear such as power inflators or drysuit valves. Silicone grease is not suitable for use on O2 clean components such as a Nitrox regulator, or any other equipment that will come into contact with 100% oxygen.

If you dive you need to have Silicone Grease in your Save-A-Dive Kit. Silicone Grease permeates the surface and engages the material in an in-depth conditioning cycle that lasts for several weeks until more is applied. The product conditions most rubber items and is used in a flexible gasket capacity to seal items such as O-rings against their housings, without cracking or splitting the rubber.

Used by underwater photographers for their camera housings and divers that dive with lights, computers, metal detectors, or any accessory items that has O-ring seals.

Great alternative and less expensive lubricant if only diving air, silicone grease will do the job, keep O-rings and gasket seals supple and flexible so they can perform protective sealing of your equipment.

This 15 gram (0.53 oz) re-sealable tube will give you years of service.

Silicone Mask Seal

Men usually have had two options if they had problems keeping a seal on their mask due to facial hair. The first was to shave off the beard and/or moustache. The second was to just deal with water in the mask. But we have the answer for you.

This Silicone Mask Seal helps those with facial hair, such as moustaches and/or beards, achieve a great mask seal.

You may have heard people talk about putting petroleum gel on the mustache. This is something that you do not want to do as it can interact with the silicone of the skirt and cause it to deteriorate. Most greases or waxes, like ChapStick, can deteriorate the mask skirt materials. This Silicone Mask Seal is a food grade, hypoallergenic, clear formula that not harm silicone, rubber or PVC mask skirts.

Applying the gel directly to the moustache will help to create a better seal. But remember this is not a cure to a badly fitting mask.

Directions: Distribute a thin continuous layer around the border of the mask skirt where it touches the face. If you have a mustache, cover it completely. After diving or snorkelling, use a cloth to eliminate the Silicone Mask Seal off of the skin away from the eyes. If skin irritation should occur, wash affected area thoroughly with soap and water.

Caution: Avoid direct contact with eyes. Contact with eyes may cause mild irritation. In case of contact, flush eyes with water and contact a physician.

IST Sports Silicone Grease / Mask Seal Features:

  • Works Great with Facial Hair to Create a Mask Seal
  • Increases Life of Rubber Products
  • Great for O-Ring Seals
  • Conditions and Permeates Rubber Surfaces
  • Lubricates, protect and conditions Rubber, Metal, Vinyl and Plastic parts
  • Superior oxidation resistance
  • 100% pure food grade silicone
  • High viscosity formula
  • Great Save-A-Dive Kit Item
  • 15g (0.53oz) Silicone Grease

(12/22 HS)

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