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Trident Crayfish and Rock Lobster Green Super Snare

Trident Diving Equipment


This Trident Crayfish and Rock Lobster Green Super Snare is a fantastic crayfish grabbing machine and a best seller. Catch the crays you see with this easy-to-use crayfish snare! Bring home dinner instead of stories about 'The ones that got away' while you were fishing for rock lobster!

The neon green snare pole is easy to find should you drop it on your hunt for a big rock lobster. The looping line is constructed with a coated stainless steel cable for smooth tightening and releasing of the loop.

A quick release lock let's you reset the loop easily so you'll be ready to bag more bugs quicker! The quick release functions with just a finger, and is easy to use while wearing cray gloves.

The green pole snare has a durable construction that will outlast other loopers that don't use stainless steel. If you're planning on cray catching all season, this is your tool!

Trident Crayfish and Rock Lobster Green Super Snare Features

  • Easy-to-use Cray Snare
  • Locking Snare will keep your catch secure
  • Easy to Pull Handle
  • Coated Marine Grade Stainless Steel Cable Loop
  • Quick Release Lock
  • Neon Green for High Visibility
  • Made in the USA

Get the loop around the Crayfish Tail and Pull. The super snare locks in place so you don't lose the lobster.

Please Note:
While fishing for rock lobster in Victoria or New South Wales it is illegal to use or possess any snare, gaff, hook or other device designed for, or capable of taking any fish. It's also illegal to scuba dive to catch rock lobster in New South Wales. The penalties for any illegal fishing activities are severe.

You are permitted to use a snare to catch rock lobster while scuba diving and freediving in Western Australia and South Australia.

(09/22 AG)

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