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Trident Power Inflator Inlet Valve Cartridge Assembly

Trident Diving Equipment


The Trident Power Inflator Inlet Valve Cartridge Assembly is the entire inflation side unit inside your BCD power inflator. This quality Power Inflator Button Assembly fits most BCD power inflators, including the OMS ones.

This is a great spare item to have in your kit. (Lloyd doesn't travel without one.) This way if your inflator is leaking air into your BC or wing, you just have to take out your handy dandy inflator tool and the spare guts and put them in. Five minutes and you are back in the water!

How to replace the Power Inflator Inlet Valve Cartridge Assembly

If the base of the inflator QD fitting is leaking, use the 1/2" hex to remove the fitting and replace the o-ring. However, look closely if you see a leak. Sometimes the leak is not coming from the base of the fitting, but rather from the connection to the hose. There is a small o-ring in the female end of the hose fitting that is more frequently the source of the leak.

If the inflator is dribbling gas into the BC, you will have to completely replace the inflator. Start by mating the spanner tangs to the two slots of the inlet valve cartridge assembly, then unscrew counter clockwise until the entire assembly can be removed.

The o-rings must be clean and need not be lubricated. Some people lubricate the small 006 o-rings to provide a smoother operating feel, but we observe they are not lubricated at the factory in new inflators. (We do not lubricate because we think it attracts dirt and just gums up the works so that it has to be more frequently cleaned.) Tighten until snug, but do not over tighten or you will crack the plastic body. If the inflator still leaks or begins to leak within a few dives, then the surfaces which the o-rings seal against are worn and the entire inflator assembly should be replaced.

A few words of caution: This assembly kit is a great save-a-dive solution but our recommendation is to replace, not service, your power inflator if it develops any problems. Improper service could cause a failure of buoyancy control, which has serious and life threatening consequences.

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