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Trident Underwater Pointer/Crayfish Tickle Stick

Trident Diving Equipment


This is the Trident Underwater Pointer/Crayfish Tickle Stick with Grip Adjustable Lanyard and BC Clip. Great for underwater photographers after their next great shot, or to use during cray hunting to get crayfish out of their hiding places!

The Trident underwater pointer is incredibly helpful for pointing out small little critters on structure when diving, plus it's an incredibly useful tool for underwater photography. It can be used to move things aside to help frame shots, or to stabilise yourself while doing macro photography.

Used as a dive stick (aka muck stick) it's an essential tool for macro underwater shooters. Carefully place the tip of the stick on bare rock or sand in order to help hold your camera still while shooting small subjects. It can be used like a mono-pod, keeping your hands off the reef.

While not a substitute for excellent buoyancy, this dive stick can assist you in getting that shot by providing greater stability. Close quarters, currents, odd angles tax even the most experienced underwater photographer. This underwater pointer adds that safety margin to get the shot and leave only bubbles. Go for that odd angle, use it as a mono-pod, avoid delicate corals, hold against current.

While it functions very well for pointing at stuff, the Trident Pointer also doubles as an underwater noisemaker. Give your cylinder a good whack to make some noise and alert other divers of your presence. You could even use it as a conducting baton underwater should you find yourself at the helm of an underwater orchestra!

Please don't use this to prod at or touch unknown underwater creatures. Just point the interesting stuff out to your dive buddy.

The Trident Underwater Pointer/Crayfish Tickle Stick has a 25 cm long pointing stick, with a grip handle plus an adjustable lanyard so you don't loose it when you forget to hold it, and a clip to secure it to your BCD.

Trident Underwater Pointer/Crayfish Tickle Stick Features

  • Diameter: 6.30 mm
  • With moulded grip, swivel clip, and lanyard
  • Attach to your wrist or clip on to your BDC when not in use
  • 1 inch (25.4 mm) spaced measurement indicators on the pointer stick
  • Total length: 36 cm
  • Pointer length: 25 cm

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