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Ocean Hunter Inflatable Torpedo Float with Line & Alpha Flag

Ocean Hunter


The Ocean Hunter Inflatable Torpedo Float with Line and Alpha Flag is great for a scuba diving surface marker, as a surface platform for spearfishing and freediving, or as a safety marker while snorkelling. Specifically designed for the spearo and freediver in mind by incorporating a stream lined torpedo styled float which will glide effortlessly through the water and allow you to easily tow it behind you without feeling like you're pulling a truck.

Be seen while below, it's the law in many Australian states. Increase your safety when diving in areas with boat traffic by being seen while below with this deluxe alpha dive flag on a large torpedo shaped float. The inflatable float folds flat for storage. The torpedo shape means less drag.

Free diving takes a lot of energy, so a surface buoy like the Ocean Hunter Inflatable Torpedo Float and Alpha Dive Flag provides a much needed surface platform for resting before and after a dive.

The Ocean Hunter Inflatable Torpedo Float comes in high visibility emergency orange and has three reinforced handholds. There are six D-rings for attaching gear and a seventh D-ring for attaching the float line.

The highly durable nature of the float will ensure it lasts during many spearfishing and diving excursions.

The torpedo shape has been chosen to minimise drag as the float is pulled through water with its attached 20 metres of float line.

Colour: Available in a Hi-Vis Yellow Float, Alpha blue and white dive flag

Ocean Hunter Inflatable Float with Alpha Flag Features

  • Toughened fluorescent orange outer offers extremely high visibility and durability
  • Float is inflatable and can easily be compacted for travel so you can take it with you
  • Torpedo shape design minimises drag from the water and the wind
  • Internal bladder offers maximum protection against punctures and can be replaced if required: Ocean Hunter Float Internal Bladder
  • Alpha blue and white removable dive flag is designed for Australian waters and can be replaced if required: Ocean Hunter Dive Flag and Pole Kit
  • Reinforced webbing straps around base of buoy
  • 6 tie-off D-rings allow you to attach all of your accessories
  • 20 metres (65 feet) of float line with clips on each end
  • Includes: High viz torpedo float, float line with attachment clips, detachable dive flag and flag mounting pole
  • Can also be used as a surface support device to aid in the rescue of a diver

Size: Float is approx 75 cm long and 25 cm in diameter when inflated.
Alpha dive flag is 31 cm wide by 21 cm high.

This dive flag exceeds the Victorian requirements for divers’ personal flags. That requirement is that a diver's personal flag has dimensions of not less than 300 mm by 200 mm.

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