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Suunto EON Core Wrist Dive Computer with Tank POD

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The Suunto EON Core Dive Computer with USB Cable and Tank POD Multi Transmitter is a compact and lightweight wrist computer with a large, bright, intuitive colour screen and mobile connectivity. The Suunto Tank POD sends your air pressure from your cylinder to your wrist so your Suunto EON Core Dive Computer can show you how much gas is left in your cylinder and how long it will last based on your depth and breathing rate. The Suunto EON Core has Air, Nitrox, Gauge, Trimix and CCR dive modes, supports up to 10 gases, and uses the Suunto Fused RGBM decompression model. It's designed to serve beginners, as well as advanced recreational and technical divers.

ScubaLab Testers Choice 2018
Trimmer than the Eon Steel, the Core shares many of its display and operating elements. Divers praised its intuitive operation, with logical button functions and crystal-clear menu prompts, and scored its readability excellent underwater, where the vibrant colours stand out on the black background, though reading it at the surface in bright sun required a bit of shading. Testers also gave it a tying top score for data presentation.

The Core's overall size is surprisingly compact relative to the big display (which can be flipped for right-arm wear), helping the Core take a very good score for ergonomics. Sophisticated, simple, and a favourite of test divers, the Eon Core is a Testers Choice for wrist-mount computers.

A Compact Dive Computer with a Clear Colour Screen and Customisable Features

The Suunto EON Core is made for the travelling diver who wants an easy to understand computer that they can read in all conditions. It's a lighter and more compact version of the popular Suunto EON Steel Dive Computer, but with many of the same features and benefits. It sits just below the Suunto EON Steel in the Suunto range.

The Suunto EON Core is really compact and comfortable to use. Much of the size difference between the EON Core and EON Steel is to do with the thinner and lighter reinforced composite housing that has a depth rating of 80 metres. The three push buttons have also been moved to the side of the computer to make the Suunto EON Core fit better on the wrist for divers wearing thinner wetsuits or rash guards. The elastomer strap caters easily to all thicknesses of exposure suit, and a bungee mount option (sold separately) is also available.

Colour Screen — The Suunto EON Core features a wide, clear and easy to read full colour, TFT LED backlit. high contrast screen that makes it intuitive to read, even at a glance. The always-on, adjustable LED backlight ensures that whichever data you choose to display, it's easily visible in murky waters, exploring the dark interiors of wrecks, or diving at night.

You have a choice of display formats from the graphic, numerical and a new prominent mode that either shows you pure numbers for depth, air remaining etc. or circles for a more natural view or a mixture of the two. As with the Suunto EON Steel, you can create and organise multiple pages or screens that you can flip through during the dive for different information.

The clear ready to use default screen information is suitable for all entry-level divers. More advanced divers can take advantage of the Suunto CustomDisplay, which allows the modification of the information presented on up to five different displays, to cater for personal diving preference.

The screen also makes excellent use of the 3D tilt compensating compass that makes navigation so simple.

Flexible — Along with the choice of screen layouts you can change the orientation of the computer so you can invert the screen to wear it on either arm with the buttons facing either direction. You can also fit an optional bungee strap for a flexible mounting option.

Wireless Air Integration — The Suunto EON Core supports wireless air integration and is compatible with the Suunto Tank POD. It can wirelessly connect with up to 10 Suunto Tank PODs on 10 different gas mixes, to display tank and gas information during the dive.

Connectivity — Dive logs can be transferred to a mobile device via Bluetooth, using the Suunto Movescount App, which will also allow you to change your settings, keep a diving diary and share your underwater adventures and pictures.

Rechargeable — The Suunto EON Core uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides 10 to 20 hours of diving from a full charge. Charging is kept simple and can be recharged from any USB socket with varying speeds depending on the port output.

Suunto EON Core and Suunto EON Steel currently support 17 languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Czech and Japanese.

Suunto EON Core Dive Computer Features

  • Easy To Read Display
    • High contrast TFT colour screen with large numbers
    • Always-on LED backlight
    • Visually intuitive, consistent presentation
    • Classic, graphical and prominent view styles
  • Compact and Comfortable
    • Lightweight
    • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (10-20 hours of dive time with one charge)
    • Use with strap or bungee (bungee sold separately)
    • Simple and easy-to-use interface
    • Flip display
  • Grows With You
    • Customise features with Suunto CustomDisplay™ in Suunto DM5
    • User-updatable software
  • Connect and Transfer
    • Wireless tank pressure readings from up to 10 Suunto Tank PODs (one Suunto Tank POD included)
    • Connect over Bluetooth to smartphones with Suunto Movescount App
    • Keep a diary and share your adventures and photos in Suunto Movescount
    • Plan and customise easily with Suunto DM5
  • For All Diving
    • Modes: Gauge / Air / Nitrox / Trimix /CCR (fixed point)
    • Suunto Fused™ RGBM for maximising dive time
    • No-decompression dive planner
    • Tilt compensated 3D digital compass
    • Guaranteed to 80 m depth

Suunto EON Core Technical Specifications


Bezel material: Composite
Glass material: Mineral crystal
Case material: Reinforced composite
Strap material: Elastomer
Weight 154 g / 5.43 oz
Water resistance 80 m (ISO 6425, EN 13319)
Battery life in time mode

2 months

Firmware upgradable Yes
Battery type rechargeable lithium-ion
Time, date Yes
Stopwatch timer Yes
Languages EN, CS, DA, DE, ES, FI, FR, IT, JA, KO, NL, NO, PL, PT, RU, SV, ZH
Backlight LED
Configurable backlight Yes
Flip display Yes
Display type Colour TFT
Display resolution 320 x 240
Battery indicator icon + dive hours remaining
Metric and imperial units Yes


Smartphone compatibility iPhone, Android
Connectivity (between devices) inductive, Bluetooth Smart
Compatible with Suunto Movescount Yes
Compatible with Suunto Movescount App Yes
Compatible with DM5 Yes
Log transfer

Wireless / USB cable

Compatible with Suunto Movescount Yes


Digital compass Yes
Tilt compensation up to 45°
Declination correction Yes
Direction scale degrees
Needle compass rose
Globally balanced Yes
Bearing lock with direction indicator Yes
Compass accuracy

+/- 10°

Compass resolution

Physical Specifications

Operating temperature 0° C to +40° C / +32° F to +104° F
Storage temperature -20 ° C to +50 ° C / -4° F to +122° F
Recommended charging temperature 0° C to +45° C / +32° F to +113° F

Diving Functions


Maximum operating depth (EN 13319) 80m
Rebreather (CCR), fixed point Yes
Trimix (mixed gas) Yes
Nitrox (and air) Yes
Gauge Yes
Dive time 0 to 999 min
Surface time 0 to 100 h
No fly time Yes
Safety Stop Yes
Deep Stop Yes
Ascent time display 0 - 999 min ( > after 999)
CNS/OTU (OLF) calculation Yes
Wireless air integration optional (up to 10 different tanks with Suunto Tank POD)
Gas time Yes
Gas consumption (real-time) Yes
Decompression model Suunto Fused RGBM
Custom displays 4 per dive mode
Personal adjustment from -2 to 2
Altitude adjustment 0 - 300 m / 300 -1500 m / 1500 - 3000 m
Gases up to 10 gases (Oxygen 5 - 99% / Helium 0 -95%)
Gas max pO2 manual 0.5 - 1.6 / fixed 1.6
Gas switching Yes
Timer Yes
No-decompression planner Yes
Logbook memory 200 h
Logbook bookmarks Yes
Logbook sampling rates 10 s
Dive History lifetime
Visual style


Dive Alarms and Notifications

Too fast ascent Yes
Decompression ceiling violation Yes
Deepstop violation Yes
CNS/OTU (OLF) 80% / 100% Yes
Switch gas (better gas is available) Yes
Diluent switched automatically Yes
Diluent high pO2 Yes
Diluent low pO2 Yes
ICD warning Yes
Dive time Yes
Gas time Yes
High pO2 (hyperoxic) Yes
Low pO2 (hypoxic) Yes
Maximum depth Yes
Tank pressure Yes


Diluents up to 10 diluents (Oxygen 5 - 99% / Helium 0 - 95%)
Bailout Yes
High/low setpoints Yes
Custom setpoint Yes
Manual/automatic setpoint switching Yes

Outdoor Functions


Temperature Yes
Temperature display range -20° C to +50° C (+/- 2° C) / -9° C to +122° F (+/- 3.6° F)
Temperature resolution 1° C / 1.5° F

Suunto Tank POD Multi Transmitter Features

  • Wireless tank pressure transmitter
  • Sync multiple Tank PODs to your EON Steel Wrist Computer
  • Firmware allows for multiple tank transmitting
  • Up to 10 Tank PODS can be read from your EON Steel
  • Labeling for multi tank use
  • Blinking green light shows pairing and data transmission
  • Readable up to 1.8 m maximum
  • New, easy syncing
  • Pressurise your system and hold your EON close to the Tank POD for pairing
  • EON will display POD number, battery life, and tank pressure for each POD
  • Battery is rated for 2 years at 100 dives/year
  • User replaceable battery kit
  • 1/2AA 3V lithium battery
  • Only compatible with Suunto EON Core and Steel Dive Computers


  • Black (SS022740000)
  • Lime (SS023082000)
  • White (SS023081000)

What's In The Box?

  • Suunto EON Core Dive Computer
  • USB Cable
  • Quick Guide
  • Safety leaflet
  • Display scratch guard sticker
  • International warranty leaflet
  • Tank POD Multi Transmitter

Download the Suunto Eon Core User Guide (PDF, 48 pages)

Suunto Warranty:

  • The International Limited Warranty Period starts at the date of original retail purchase.
  • The Warranty Period is five (5) years for failures attributable to the depth measurement (pressure) sensor on Suunto Dive Computers.
  • The Warranty Period is two (2) years for Dive Products and Dive transmitters unless otherwise specified.
  • The Warranty Period is one (1) year for accessories including but not limited to wireless sensors, chargers, cables, rechargeable batteries, straps, bracelets and hoses.

Note: This item cannot be delivered outside of Australia.

The Suunto EON Core is also available without a Tank Pod.

What We Think...

The multiple award-winning Suunto EON Core with Tank Pod is, as advertised, a computer that grows with you. The large, clear colour display is great for divers who struggle to read smaller dive computer displays. It's perfectly suited for the entry-level diver with its sleek, intuitive, compact and lightweight design, but those who dive once a year and have no intention of progressing further may find the Suunto Zoop Novo more suited to their budget.

For the more active recreational diver going beyond basic recreational requirements, the digital 3D compass and support for multiple tank pods make this a great solution. For divers who think they might develop into technical diving, the Suunto EON Core is a worthwhile investment, allowing the possibility of up to ten Air, Nitrox and Trimix gas mixes, plus CCR diving as they acquire the relevant skills.

We know some people dislike the Suunto Fused RGBM model for being 'too conservative', however, we believe conservatism in recreational diving is the order of the day. Dedicated techies may prefer the Bühlmann-based algorithms to squeeze in those extra few minutes of dive time, but pushing limits is not on our list of things to do. Besides, you can change the settings and make the Suunto EON Core more or less conservative as you wish.

Confused about Decompression Algorithms?

There is a lot of talk about the benefits and problems associated with various diving decompression algorithms. In this video, Dr. Bruce Wienke, the respected creator of the decompression software used in the Suunto dive computers and many other brands, discusses the key differences between Suunto's Fused RGBM and the open-source Buhlmann GF model.

There are people who criticise the Suunto Fused RGBM model saying it forces them to spend extra time in the water compared to a dive computer using the Buhlmann GF model. Not so. You can adjust the conservatism of the Suunto software. Make it more aggressive for less time decompressing, or even more conservative. The choice is yours.

There are people who complain that the Deep Stops feature of the Suunto software holds them up when diving with buddies whose dive computers don't support deep stops. Then turn it off. Deep Stops are an optional setting. You don't have to do them.

In a recent test, a boatload of technical and rebreather divers with dive computers using the Buhlmann GF model were given Suunto Eon Core dive computers to take on their long deco dives. They all said that they wouldn't wait for the Suunto, that they'd dive as their own Buhlmann GF model dive computer told them to. Based on the myths they had heard, some divers said that this would mean that they'd thus be locking the Suunto Eon Core out and that the Eon Cores wouldn't be able to be used the next day.

Well the settings of each Suunto Eon Core was adjusted to match the aggressiveness or conservatism of the Buhlmann GF settings each diver was using. Dives completed and back on the boat, not one Suunto Eon Core had locked out. Every Suunto Eon Core had closely matched the other dive computer throughout the dive. Myth busted!

We sell dive computers that use the Buhlmann GF model, and ones that use the Suunto Fused RGBM model. Take your pick. Just don't base your pick on the misinformation and myths that are out there about these diving algorithms.


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