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Mares XR Cave Line Markers (5 Pack)

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The Mares XR Cave Line Markers are a must when diving in cave, wreck or over head environments. They are a non-directional Reference Exit Marker, REM, that can be directional to whoever has laid it but not to anybody else. Space for personalisation and a small slate for basic communication.

Referencing Exit Marker (REM) or smart cookie is unlike other conventional non-directional line markers as it can be paired up with other markers, personalised and used as a miniature slate to convey messages. Because it is non-directional it cannot confuse other divers using the same line as to which direction the exit is so it won't contradict permanent line arrows.

Customisable design allows you to identify your REM from others as it comes in orange, green or white colours with plenty of space to make identifying features on one side.

Notched Edges lock your line to hold the marker in place and prevent the line from slipping to ease tying. Large notches make it easy to guide the line even with thicker gloves.

Inspired by cave divers the Mares XR Line Markers come in a pack of 5 and are available in 3 bright colours including white, green and orange. There are 2 anchor points for the line and 2 small holes for attachments. The five pack makes it easy to quickly stock up your navigation kit and make sure all of your line markers are uniform. Don't get lost, get the Mares XR Cave Line Markers.

Mares XR Cave Line Markers Features

  • Made from injection moulded, durable ABS
  • Unique technical design with: Corners removed for ease of use, line guiding curves and grooves, holes for ring / identifier clipping, dedicated surface for marking
  • Used for orientation as a visual and tactile reference on a guideline
  • Supplied in packs of 5, single colour

Three Colours: Orange, White, or Green

Please Note: Line Arrows are used to indicate direction, Line Cookies to denote a junction, non-directional Line Markers reference a specific spot.

Note: This item cannot be delivered outside of Australia.

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