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AP Diving Training Delayed SMB

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A must-have for all dive instructors the AP Diving Training Delayed Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) is identical in design to the rest of the AP Diving self-sealing SMB range, only much smaller — just 2 litres capacity — which allows the trainee diver to practice deployment of the SMB multiple times without serious depletion of their gas supplies.

The diving instructor can supervise the student inflating the SMB and sending it to the surface, then pull it back down (still inflated), deflate it and hand it back to the student to try again.

Deploy, inflate and launch… pull it down, deflate, relaunch, repeat…

The Delayed Surface Marker Buoy (DSMB) is an important piece of life-saving equipment for almost all divers. There have been a number of accidents and incidents involving divers who surfaced without using a DSMB. However, there are those occasions when deploying a DSMB by an untrained or out of practice diver can pose some common but preventable hazards, such as getting dragged to the surface. The AP Diving Training DSMB enables instructors to train divers in the use of a DSMB with greater safety and ease.

Inflation is achieved in the usual way by inserting a regulator, or other second stage air source, into the mouth of the buoy.

The Training SMB (SMBCI/T) features the original AP Diving self-sealing baffle in the mouth which seals on inflation to prevent gas loss from the buoy at the surface.

Deflation is achieved with the dump/over-pressure valve.

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