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IST Proline Ceramic Line Cutter Dive Knife

IST-K-22(V2) | 010409 01/23
IST Proline


The award-winning IST Proline Ceramic Line Cutter is a rust-proof line cutting tool with two ceramic blades that are both sharp and corrosion-resistant. The brightly coloured line cutter is easy to see and manage in the water. Guards over the blades mean you can't cut yourself or gear accidentally while making the blades very efficient at cutting lines as they get trapped and pushed against the blade.

Simple and compact, this single-blade line cutter is a quick way to free you or a buddy from small line tangles. It cuts pretty much any line that fits into it. It can be used with one hand.

Line cutters are particularly useful in diving situations where you or your buddy get tangled in something like a fishing line. A line cutter will help you cut yourselves free. Fishing lines are nearly invisible underwater, and can easily snag on your tank or other gear. Many are often left behind by fishermen whose lines get tangled or caught on something in the water, and end up posing a risk to divers, especially when diving in enclosed spaces like shipwrecks. Something sharp and easy to reach is extremely useful on dives like these.

The IST Proline Ceramic Line Cutter's two ceramic cutting blades will never rust, and its bright colour makes it visible and easy to find even in conditions where visibility isn't ideal. It includes a nylon sheath with vertical and horizontal mounting options for harness, BCD or weight belt with 50 mm (2 inch) webbing, plus a hook-and-loop sling. Check out this no-fuss award-winning diving knife and see for yourself.

Similar in design to the well known EEZYCUT Trilobite Line Cutter, but with ceramic blades for a lightweight, no rust solution.

ScubaLab Dive Knives and Cutting Tools Best Buy 2020
We tested the IST Sports Ceramic Line Cutter. A powerful, rust-proof cutter at a reasonable price, it was our Best Buy for cutting tools. We tested cutting tools for their ability to cut a variety of lines, from monofilament fishing line to heavy rope. We also evaluated how well they held an edge after repeated use. We rated them for the performance of their sheaths, their locks and grips, and how easy they were to handle and operate — with and without gloves. We tested how they held up to extremely heavy use, including cutting metal wires. And we gauged their resistance to corrosion by soaking them for up to 24 hours in saltwater. It's hard to imagine a more unassuming piece of dive gear than this little line cutter: ceramic blades sandwiched inside a two-piece polycarbonate body and held together with a pair of stainless screws. But while it won't cut half-inch rope or impress anyone on the dive boat, it will make short work of most things that fit into its 1/4-inch jaws. That goes for stuff it's not really designed to cut, including — in our case — heavy zip ties and 4-wire telephone cable. The body of the cutter is heavy enough to feel like it won't break with a hard pull, and the finger loop at the back is big enough to get a firm grip. Velcro on the sling holds it securely in the nylon sheath, which can be mounted vertically or horizontally and lets you deploy it with no fuss. But its biggest plus is that the blades won't rust no matter how long it's been sitting around in saltwater. As one tester noted, "Nothing fancy here, but really gets the job done." The IST Ceramic Line Cutter is our Best Buy for cutting tools.

IST Proline Ceramic Line Cutter Dive Knife Features

  • Lightweight and compact design for easy mounting / configuration.
  • Ultra-sharp ceramic blades provide less effort and smooth cutting.
  • High impact resistant Polycarbonate body provides excellent protection to the ceramic blades for long-term use.
  • Two sided ceramic blade design for fast and easy cutting.
  • Included high quality nylon sheath with vertical and horizontal mounting options for harness, BCD or weight belt, up to 50 mm (2.0 in) webbing.
  • Velcro sewn hand strap on cutter handle provides quick and easy lock and release actions underwater for emergency use.

Size: 10.5 x 5 x 1.3 cm (4.1 x 1.9 x 0.5 inch)

(01/23 HS)

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