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Backscatter Flip Filters 55mm +15 Macro Lens for GoPro

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The Backscatter +15 MacroMate Mini Underwater Macro Lens for GoPro from Flip Filters works great for shooting subjects about the size of a golf ball that are roughly 7.5 cm (3 inches) from the camera. Our favourite GoPro macro configuration is a FLIP7 with both a +15 MACROMATE MINI and +10 Close-Up Lens so we're ready for all subjects.

Why do you need a macro lens?
Without corrective optics, GoPro HERO3, HERO3+, HERO4, HERO5, HERO6 and HERO7 cameras can only focus to about 1-2 feet underwater. The custom +15 MACROMATE Mini design allows you to get within 7.5 cm (3 inches) of your subject so you can bring the tiny wonders you find to the big screen. If your favorite underwater subjects are about the size of a golf ball, the +15 MACROMATE Mini is about to become your best friend.

Stunning underwater macro footage
The design team at Backscatter spent more than a year perfecting the ultimate macro lens for GoPro. Watch the video below to see razor sharp macro images and open a new door on your GoPro creativity.

MACROMATE Mini - Get Stunning Macro Video Underwater with your GoPro 3, 3+, 4, 5, 6 & 7 Camera

Precision optical glass and aluminium construction
Don't be fooled by imitations. The +15 MacroMate Mini follows a 18 year product design of premium underwater optics and rugged construction. No plastic mounts to break and only the highest grade multi-element optics receive the FLIP and MacroMate brand.

Add the +15 MacroMate Mini to your GoPro FLIP system
The +15 MacroMate Mini threads into the FLIP 55mm adaptor, NOW INCLUDED. Go professional with a FLIP colour correction filter and a +15 MacroMate Mini at your fingertips. The world's greatest and most versatile GoPro lens system has just evolved.

Use GoPro VIDEO MODE to bring tiny action to the big screen
While the +15 MACROMATE Mini works in wide, medium, and narrow video modes, the narrow mode gives you the sharpest edges and the most stunning results.

Fill your frame with golf ball sized subjects
The FLIP +10 Close-Up Lens works great for shooting subjects sized from soccer balls down to golf balls that are roughly 20 to 30 cm (8-12 inches) from the camera. However, the +15 MACROMATE Mini brings your focus to about 7.5 cm (3 inches) allowing you to fill the frame with subjects as small as a golf ball.

The +15 MACROMATE Mini is the only true macro lens for the GoPro
Two custom designed glass optics are mated together and sealed in a vacuum resulting in a lens that is perfected for underwater use. This design delivers sharper images, higher contrast, and deeper blacks than any other GoPro lens designed to date. It's state of the art and born from countless hours of in water testing.

No plastic parts to break - rugged aluminium construction
The FLIP7 filter system is machined from aircraft grade aluminium and is designed to withstand the bumps and grinds of professional underwater use. The aluminium FLIP7 frame clamps securely to your GoPro and a precision machined hinge keeps your lenses and filters flipping year after year. Backscatter has put the same attention to detail in the +15 MACROMATE Mini and carve each lens ring from a solid block of aluminium.

Fumble free flip design means you'll never lose your lens
When the action is happening, you don't want to be fumbling with lenses. Backscatter's world famous flip design gives you one finger access to colour filters and lenses on the same dive without the fear of dropping a lens into the deep. The +15 MACROMATE Mini threads securely to the aluminium 55mm flip adaptor so you can always keep it handy. As you know, dive trips are expensive and require a lot of effort. The last thing you want to do is fumble or or break gear on a once in a lifetime trip. The FLIP system and +15 MACROMATE Mini will not let you down and more importantly it will revolutionize the way you use a GoPro underwater.

Download the +15 MACROMATE Mini Manual.

Use with the now included Backscatter Flip Filters 55 mm Threaded Adaptor Filter Holder which will allow you to mount any filter to the FLIP7, FLIP6, FLIP5, FLIP4 and FLIP3.1 frame or TOP FLIP. Works on the GoPro Hero 3, 3+, 4, 5, 6 and 7 action cameras.

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