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Northern Diver Double Lock Dry Glove System V3

Northern Diver
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Version 3 of the Northern Diver Double Lock Dry Glove System gloves are much more flexible than the Version 2 gloves, allowing far great dexterity whilst still offering amazing wear and chemical resistance and thermal insulation.

Loss of movement or manual dexterity, due to cold hands, can be extremely dangerous during a dive, as well as being very uncomfortable for the diver. Maintaining hand warmth and a divers ability to efficiently operate their essential diving equipment, is vital to safe diving and maintaining a high level of dive comfort.

Northern Diver are proud to manufacture and supply this revolutionary concept in dry diving glove systems. This unique system is now trusted by technical divers on deep dives, recreational divers in cold water environments, commercial divers in more extreme diving environments and Environment Agency divers all over the world, in an incredibly diverse range of diving conditions and even in contaminated water environments.

Northern Diver's unique Dry Glove Ring System has been designed for use in conjunction with Neoprene or Membrane drysuits, using Latex or Neoprene wrist seals and therefore, this dry glove kit is supplied 'complete' with three sets of 'compression' rings, to suit most styles of dry diving suit (regardless of drysuit material thickness).

Once fitted to a diver's suit, the unique Twin-Safe locking ring mechanism, allows quick and easy glove engagement and the equally quick release of the drygloves, without the need for assistance. In addition, as this unique system does not compromise the original drysuit wrist seals, in warmer conditions the drysuit can actually be used without the dry gloves attached or in conjunction with standard wet gloves, for the ultimate 'fully adaptable' drysuit glove system.

These Version 3 outer gloves are cut, tear and puncture resistant Ansell AlphaTec gloves. The gloves are much more flexible than our Version 2 gloves, allowing far great dexterity whilst still offering amazing wear and chemical resistance and thermal insulation. Manufactured from a Lightweight and seamless Nitrile nylon liner and offering superior grip and tactility.

Please Note – Although these gloves are extremely cut, tear and puncture resistant and conform to the EN388 standard, they are not puncture proof. As always, please take the appropriate precautions around sharp underwater objects and structures.

To complete the Northern Diver Dry Glove system, you also receive a pair of ultra thermal 'compressed fleece' inner gloves. These thermal liners provide additional thermal protection on colder dives and are also flatlock stitched, to keep your hands comfortable throughout the duration of your dive. These inner gloves are also fully removable, allowing the diver to use the heavy duty outer gloves with or without these inner liners and accurately adjust the level of thermal protection to each individual dive environment. In addition, due to the excellent thermal properties, these inner gloves are also ideal for use post dive, simply as a pair of thermal gloves.

Fitting these Dry Gloves to your own drysuit could not be easier, as you are also supplied with a bespoke fitting tool, sealing adhesive, a sealing adhesive 'brush' applicator and an exclusive step-by-step instructional DVD, all combined in one 'complete' Dry Glove System Package. This instructional video is also available to view, any time, on Northern Divers You Tube channel.

Alternatively, we have experienced people available who will be only too happy to professionally fit this unique dryglove system, directly to your drysuit. Please contact The Scuba Doctor Dive Shop at for help.

Northern Diver Double Lock Dry Glove System Features:

  • Unique Quick Release and Re-Fit Dry Glove System
  • Revolutionary Twin-Safe Locking Ring Mechanism
  • Super Easy to Use Without Additional Assistance
  • Drysuit Wrists Stay Sealed When Dry Gloves Removed
  • 3 Sets of Inner Rings for Variable Drysuit Thickness
  • Includes Bespoke Fitting Tool and Instructional DVD
  • Also includes Sealing Adhesive and Applicator

Outer Gloves

  • Flexible and Ultra Durable Ansell AlphaTec Glove
  • Oil, Hydrocarbon, Acid and Chemical Resistant
  • Super Heavy-Duty and Extremely Wear Resistant
  • Comfort Lining with Anti-Bacterial Treatment

Inner Gloves

  • Ultra Thermal Compressed Fleece Construction
  • Flatlock Stitched Seams for Improved Comfort
  • Additional Wrist Zone Thermal Protection
  • Removable for Warmer Waters or for Use Post Dive
  • Fully Machine Washable

Sizes Available: S/7, M/8, L/9, XL/10

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