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Tusa Hyflex Switch Pro Fins - Open Heel

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The Tusa Hyflex Switch Pro Fins offers a 20% stiffer blade compound for the advanced diver. The fin blade is made of top-quality polyurethane material that provides a quicker response to movement over rubber and plastic fins. Made with the travelling diver in mind, the blade can separate from the foot pocket so they pack down smaller.

The Tusa Hyflex Switch Pro is powered by the PuRiMaX Polyurethane Blade System. The Polyurethane blade generates great forward propulsion and provides a quick snappy response to the diver's every movement.

Tusa's unique Vortex Generator effectively reduces water resistance through the fin stroke normally found on traditional smooth blades. The Vortex Generator consists of six (6) performance ridges positioned behind the blade vent reduce resistance, creating a smoother and more efficient kick cycle. Tusa's Multi-compound foot pocket increases power transfer to the fin blade.

The Tusa Hyflex Switch Pro Fins are equipped with the new Universal Bungee Strap providing extraordinary comfort. The heavy duty elastic fin strap provides easy donning and doffing of fins. The quick adjustment accommodates five (5) adjustable positions. Fin strap is equipped with a large extruded rubber heel cushion with large finger loop for easy donning and doffing.

Angled Blade Design (A.B.D.): A standard flat fin inhibits propulsion solely by fault of design. An angle between the heel of the foot and the calf of the leg remains when the leg is extended to kick. This angle causes approximately 10% of the propulsion to be lost. The Angled Blade Design accommodates for this anatomical characteristic and ensures maximum efficiency throughout the kicking cycle.

Compact: The Tusa Hyflex System makes for a compact and lightweight travel package. The modern diver is a travelling diver who dives at home and abroad but still wants to use their own gear while travelling. The Tusa Hyflex Switch Fins are made of three components that can be separated when you need to pack them down smaller. Long weekend trips often meant you had to leave your fins behind or take a bigger bag, by separating the blades and foot pockets they become much smaller to fit in most travel bags.

The Tusa Hyflex System for a compact and lightweight travel package and is available in multiple sizes. Fin measures (L x W) 59.7 cm x 20.4 cm (23.5 in x 8.0 in) and weighs 1,895 g (4.2 lb) in size medium.

Tusa Hyflex Switch Pro Open Heel Fin Features

  • 20% Stiffer Blade Compound for Advanced Divers
  • Powered by PuRiMaX Polyurethane Blade System
  • Generates Great Forward Propulsion
  • PuRiMaX: Quick Snappy Response to Diver's Every Movement
  • Vortex Generator:
    Effectively Reduces Water Resistance Thru-Fin-Stroke
    Consists of 6-Performance Ridges
    Ridges: Positioned Behind Blade Vent
    Reduce Resistance
    Creating Smoother, More Efficient Kick Cycle
  • Multi-Compound Foot Pocket Increases Power Transfer to Fin Blade
  • Universal Bungee Strap:
    Extraordinary Comfort
    Heavy Duty Elastic Fin Strap
    Provides Easy Donning and Doffing
    Quick Adjustment, Accommodates 5-Adjustable Positions
    Large Extruded Rubber Heel Cushion w/Large Finger Loop
  • Angled Blade Design (A.B.D.):
    Standard Flat Fin Inhibits Propulsion by Design
    Angle Between Heel of Foot and Calf of Leg Remains w/Leg Extended to Kick
    Angle Causes Approx. 10% Propulsion Loss
    Angled Blade Design; Accommodates Anatomical Characteristic of Leg/Foot
    >Ensures Maximum Efficiency Thru-Out Kicking Cycle
  • Tusa Hyflex System: Compact and Lightweight Travel Package
  • Dimensions: (L x W) 59.7 cm x 20.4 cm (23.5 in x 8.0 in), Size Medium
  • Weight: 1,895 g (4.2 lb), Size Medium
  • Available in Multiple Sizes

Tusa HyFlex Switch Pro Fin Colours

The available colours are: Black (BK) or Transparent Energy Orange (TEO).

Tusa HyFlex Switch Pro Open Heel Fin Sizes:

Size US Male US Female European
Length (cm)
Medium 7-10 8.5-12 40-44 26-28
L-XL 10-14 12-15 44-50 28-32

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