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Tusa Intega Mask



The Tusa Intega Mask (M2004) is the result of years of research, where Tusa has developed a mask skirt that adapts to your face. The 3D SYNQ Fitting Ring adapts to the user's face creating a seal like no other mask. Large or small, wide, or narrow, long, or short, the TUSA Intega has you covered.

3D SYNQ Technology (Pat.): TUSA has developed a unique fitting ring that has been built into the mask skirt. This technology enables the mask skirt to mould to all face shapes providing the perfect fit, seal, and underwater experience.
Sync to Head Size: Sync to different head sizes by pulling directly on the fitting ring. Sync to Facial Shapes: Sync to different facial shapes with 'sealing surface' by hinge.
Freedom Dry: Freedom Dry enhances comfort and fit by utilising a revolutionary low friction skirt surface. The skirt fitting line features a low friction surface that delivers a superior seal and increases the facial area contact patch while significantly reducing excess skin tension. The result is a soft and supple feeling mask with a dramatically improved seal.

Swift Buckle 3D (Pat.): TUSA has designed the perfect buckle and mask strap. The NEW low profile buckle is slim and lightweight. The easy adjustment buckle and strap is silent and effortless when making adjustments.

Freedom Technology (Pat.): Each person has a unique facial structure and every diver experiences either some level of discomfort, or 'pressure' and 'squeeze' while wearing a typical mask underwater. TUSA engineers wanted to solve these problems and spent several years analyzing mask fit, facial bone structure and mouth movement. The result is Freedom Technology, a set of revolutionary new mask features which deliver superior fit, comfort and increased performance.

3D Mask Strap: TUSA's patented 3D Strap is a true three-dimensional design that snugly fits against the head's natural curvature. The 3D strap offers unprecedented comfort and fit, unlike standard flat mask straps.

Round Edge Skirt (Pat.): TUSA's Round Edge Skirt features a proprietary round edge cross-sectionally shaped skirt. This rounded edge results in a soft fit that suppresses pressure and reduces creasing left on the face. The 'planar fit', instead of 'linear fit' silicone skirt maintains great fit and unprecedented comfort.

Tusa Intega Mask Features

  • Years of Research
  • TUSA Developed-A-Mask Skirt That Adapts-to-Your-Face
  • 3D SYNQ Fitting Ring: Adapts to Face Creating Seal Like-No-Other-Mask
  • Large or Small, Wide, or Narrow, Long, or Short, Intega Has-You-Covered
  • Skirt Molds to All Face Shapes Providing Perfect Fit, Seal, and Underwater Experience
  • Sync to Different Head Sizes by Pulling Directly On-Fitting-Ring
  • Sealing Surface' by Hinge
  • Freedom Dry:
    Enhances Comfort and Fit
    Utilising Revolutionary Low Friction Skirt Surface
    Delivers Superior Seal
    Increases Facial Area Contact Patch
    Significantly Reducing Excess Skin Tension
    Result: Soft and Supple Feeling Mask with Dramatically Improved Seal
  • Perfect Buckle and Mask Strap:
    Low-Profile Buckle
    Slim and Light Weight
    Easy Adjustment Buckle and Strap is Silent and Effortless when Adjusting
  • Revolutionary Freedom Technology:
    Provides Superior Fit, Comfort and Performance
    Superior Design, Built Quality, Materials and Frame Construction
    Dimpled Skirt Surface with Varied Silicone Thicknesses
    Stability Ridges
  • Patented 3-D Wide Split Strap:
    Strap Snugly Fits Head's Natural Curvature
    3-D Strap for Unprecedented Comfort and Fit
  • Easy-to-Reach One-Hand Nose Pocket for Ear Equalization
  • Tempered Glass Lens
  • Multiple Colour Options
  • Protective Mask Box

Black skirt - Black frame (BK/BK)
Black Skirt - Energy Orange frame (BK/EO)
Black Skirt - Fishtail Blue (BK/FB)
Black Skirt - Metallic Dark Red (BK/MDR)
Black Skirt - Ocean Green (BK/OG)
Black Skirt - Rose Pink (BK/RP)

Tech Tip

Why Black or Opaque Skirt Diving and Snorkelling Masks Are Better

Clear silicone skirts on diving and snorkelling masks are popular because they minimise the claustrophobic feeling some people get when they wear a mask. Nevertheless, clear skirts actually interfere with vision. Extraneous light entering through the clear skirt makes it more difficult for the eye to focus and causes reflections that obscure vision. Demonstrate this by looking out a window from a lighted room at twilight. You will see better by cupping your hands around your eyes as you press your face to the window. For these reasons, knowledgeable scuba divers, spearos, freedivers, underwater photographers, and snorkellers seeking the best possible vision prefer masks with black or opaque silicone skirts.

(05/21 LRB)

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