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Whether you have bad blood circulation and require some additional thermal protection for your hands or are a cave diver and require protection again sharp or abrasive surfaces we have a set of gloves to suit your needs. So here is some information to help you decide what you need.

Scuba gloves do what any gloves do, keep your hands warm and protected.

All those little fingers hanging way out there on their own can get cold, plus they make great little targets for the biters and scratchers.

For the most part gloves are gloves and there isn't much to picking out a pair. Still, there are a couple things to think about before buying a pair of dive gloves.

Types of Scuba Gloves

Mitten or Lobster Claw

Good for cold water. These bad boys are usually made of thick (5-7 mm) neoprene and will keep your hands as warm and protected as it's possible to be.

You do lose some function as most of your hand is in the bigger mitten part, but how much freedom of movement do you actually need for your fingers.

Five Finger Gloves

These can be thicker for colder water, or thinner for warmer. No matter how thick they are they aren't as warm as the lobster claw style.

Still a thick 5-7 mm neoprene glove will keep you plenty warm.

Even in warm water, wearing 1-2 mm thick dive gloves are a good idea to keep your fingers and hands protected.

Warm water will still leech the heat out of your body and make you cold after awhile.

Dry Gloves

Dry gloves have a wrist seal and keep your hands completely dry. This of course keeps your hands warmer.

However, if they leak for any reason they can be very uncomfortable and distracting to the point of ruining a dive.

And they aren't cheap.

They're not bad gloves and they may make sense for you, so give them a try and make your own decision.

There isn't much else to say about scuba gloves. They can be like other dive equipment and come with all the bells and whistles, zippers, Velcro, Kevlar palms, yadda yadda yadda, or as simple as a glove.

Consider what conditions you dive in and buy a dive glove that suits your needs. Other than that, stay warm and watch out for those things that bite and scratch!

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