Divers Alert Network

Divers Alert Network Asia-Pacific

The Divers Alert Network (DAN) Asia-Pacific is a not-for-profit, member-based organisation dedicated to enhancing the safety of diving for all divers through a variety of pursuits. For example, DAN Asia-Pacific operates or funds 24-Hour Diving Emergency Hotlines, conducts research initiatives, provides training opportunities to members and beyond in the likes of first aid, CPR and Oxygen Provision, provides Worldwide Emergency Evacuation for diving and non-diving accidents, as well as offering Optional Dive Injury Insurance.

The Australian Diving Emergency Service (DES) Hotline

If you have a Diver Emergency, please use one of the contact numbers below.

Australia toll free from within Australia:
1800 088 200

Australia from overseas (user pays):
+61 8 8212 9242

New Zealand from within New Zealand:
0800 4DES 111 | 0800 4337 111

New Zealand from overseas:
+64 9 445 8454

In many diving emergencies divers should use these numbers in the first instance. The exception is where the caller is dealing with situation that is immediately life threatening, for example, where CPR or EAR is being performed on an injured diver. In this setting it is probably better to call the local emergency (ambulance) services direct — dial 000 — to get help as soon as possible.

The DES is a 24-hour diving emergency hotline run on a volunteer basis. Located at the Hyperbaric Unit at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in Adelaide, South Australia. It is available to all divers throughout the world. The DES doctors provide this service on a voluntary basis.

A call to the DES first comes into the control room of the ambulance service in South Australia. It is answered by a qualified ambulance officer who takes relevant details and passes the call through to the on-call DES doctor. The caller is normally able to speak directly with a hyperbaric doctor within 2 to 5 minutes of calling. The DES currently handles some 500 calls per year, from all over the world.

Divers Alert Network (DAN)

DAN Asia-Pacific is part of the global International DAN (IDAN) Federation with worldwide membership exceeding 300,000 and growing daily. What this means is a DAN Asia-Pacific member can access expert and caring assistance wherever they live or travel throughout the world.

Emergencies Happen so be prepared with a DAN Membership.
Visit www.danap.org

DAN Asia-Pacific Super Supporter

As a DAN Asia-Pacific Super Supporter, The Scuba Doctor recommends every diver, especially those going on dive trips to out of the way or overseas locations, join DAN Asia-Pacific.

Why Join DAN?
It’s all about being prepared for unexpected diving accidents and illnesses, and having a reputable organisation to call that specialises in helping sick and injured divers all over the world. DAN has a dedicated commitment to diving health and safety, 30+ years' experience, a proven track record having helped thousands of divers all over the world and handling 60,000 emergency calls.

Ready to join DAN Asia-Pacific?
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