Holiday Dive Gear Hire

Holiday Dive Gear Hire from The Scuba Doctor

Scuba gear hire can be expensive but not here at The Scuba Doctor. Save money on your next diving holiday, by renting your scuba gear before you go from The Scuba Doctor. High quality serviced regulators, BCDs, dive computers are all available from low daily rates. You can be sure that we will only supply you with top quality rental dive equipment and clothing at affordable prices.

If you leave the hiring until you get to where you're going, you may find a poor selection of worn or damaged clothing and equipment and you may struggle to find something in your size. But not with The Scuba Doctor. We have a great range of sizes and our scuba hire clothing is brand new each season.

If you or your family are going scuba diving but you don't want to go to the expense of buying all of your clothing and equipment, then The Scuba Doctor has the answer for you. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on expensive clothing that may only get used once or twice – especially for children as they grow so fast, why not hire the 'Big Name Brands' from The Scuba Doctor?

Top Quality Rental Scuba Gear From The Scuba Doctor

You only pay for the hire of your equipment and clothing per day and not per week!
We can deliver to your chosen address 2 days before your hire begins.
We offer damage insurance to cover you for accidental damage to the scuba gear (this does not cover loss or theft).
All items are laundered and where necessary are re-waterproofed before being sent to you.
We only hire brand name products to ensure your comfort and safety under water.
On your return, just post your hired equipment back to us.

Be Prepared

We advise that you start your rental a few days prior to your scuba holiday so you can try the scuba clothing in good time to allow you to change something if you have not chosen a good fit. If this happens, simply let us know which size you need instead and return the clothing to us as detailed above. We will then still have just enough time to send you a better fitting garment before you travel.

If you are not sure about which equipment or clothing is best for you you can view our extensive Trusted Advice pages here, or call us, and we will be happy to advise you on what is best for you.

Please ensure you have read our terms and conditions before renting from The Scuba Doctor.

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