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The Scuba Doctor has dive accessories to make your diving more enjoyable, plus help you to clean and care for your scuba equipment.

There has yet to be a diver who submerges without some kind of accessory to make the dive go just a little easier. It could be a stainless steel clip to hold a light, a jon-line to make the decompression just a little bit more comfortable. At The Scuba Doctor we have consulted with divers from around the world, tapped into our own service technicians, and scoured the globe for the best manufacturers to bring you the most comprehensive and complete collection of accessories of any company in Australia. If there is something you need that is not on the site drop us an e-mail or give us a call and we will be happy to source it for you.

Tech Tip:
Take Only What You Need, No More and No Less

New divers have a tendency to use equipment to replace skills, which is a reasonable approach to maximise enjoyment of the early dives. However, we have seen divers looking like they walked through a dive shop with a magnet and we wonder who recommended all that stuff.

Experienced divers know that every tool, gadget or feature they add to their configuration increases the complexity and also increases failure points. As the diver develops improved skills, they begin to shed gear and elaborate features in favor of streamlined high-quality equipment configurations. The huge knife strapped to the leg disappears along with the snorkel, instrument console and retractor, most of the lead, tank banger, eventually the jacket style BC and even the split fins.

When gearing up, the experienced diver will take only the tools really needed for the specific dive. They know that simple and quality equipment together with practiced skills are the most elegant and reliable configurations.

Dive Resources

Dive Resources at The Scuba Doctor

The Scuba Doctor has put together this valuable collection of scuba diving resources to help you better enjoy your underwater adventures.

Scuba Diving Safety

The Scuba Doctor provides Scuba Diving Safety tips.

Melbourne Dive Sites

The Scuba Doctor provides useful information about Melbourne's rich variety of shore, wreck, reef and boat dive sites.

Snorkelling in Melbourne

The Scuba Doctor provides useful information about Snorkelling in Melbourne.

Spearfishing in Melbourne

The Scuba Doctor provides useful information about Spearfishing in Melbourne.

Victorian Marine Protected Areas

The Scuba Doctor provides useful information about Victoria's marine national parks and marine sanctuaries.

Dive Site Selection

The Scuba Doctor provides useful information about how to select a dive site near Melbourne given the conditions on the dive day. We also provide a list of Facebook Resources for Melbourne Dive Sites. More about: Dive Site Selection - Considerations for dive site selection near Melbourne

Weather, Tides, Conditions etc.

Links to web sites where you can look up local diving conditions for Melbourne. More about: Weather, Tides, Conditions etc. - Links to Melbourne and Victoria diving conditions

Giant Spider Crabs Melbourne

When and where to see the epic Giant Spider Crab Aggregation.

Weedy Seadragons Melbourne

The Scuba Doctor provides useful information about snorkelling and diving with the Weedy Seadragons in Melbourne.

Diving Articles

Read what The Scuba Doctor has to say about many and varied aspects of scuba diving in this collection of articles.

Boat Diving Safety

Tips for safe private boat diving in Melbourne from The Scuba Doctor. See Boat Diving Safety.

Using a Dive Float and Flag

The Scuba Doctor explains Using a Dive Float and Flag to enhance your snorkelling and diving safety.

Facebook for Melbourne Divers

Connect with other Melbourne divers and learn about local diving via these Facebook resources. See Facebook for Melbourne Divers.

Sydney and NSW Dive Sites

The Scuba Doctor provides links to information about Sydney and NSW Dive Sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Scuba Doctor has put together the answers to frequently asked questions about many aspects of scuba diving. More about: Frequently Asked Questions - The Scuba Doctor answers your questions

Diving Downloads

A valuable collection of files put together by The Scuba Doctor for you to download.

Dive Links

Even The Scuba Doctor has his favourite places to visit on the web. Please use these links to go there yourself. More about: Dive Links - Links to the places that matter to divers

Melbourne Boat Launching Ramps

Information about Melbourne Boat Launching Ramps where you can safely launch to head out scuba diving. More about: Melbourne Boat Launching Ramps - Boat ramps for Melbourne scuba diving

Scuba Diving Glossary

Look up the unknown in our Scuba Diving Glossary of technical terms, jargon, diver slang and acronyms used in scuba diving. More about: Scuba Diving Glossary - Glossary of terms used in scuba diving

Scuba Equipment Manuals

Look up and/or download a wide range of Scuba Equipment Manuals that we have collected here for you. More about: Scuba Equipment Manuals - A Handy Repository of Scuba Equipment Manuals

Diver Communications

Learn about the communication techniques used in scuba diving. More about: Diver Communications - Ways for divers to communicate, both under and over the water

Diver Emergency

When you're faced with a Diver Emergency then these are the numbers to call. More about: Diver Emergency - Don't Panic! Use these Diver Emergency Numbers

The Scuba Doctor Forums

The Scuba Doctor provides useful discussion forums where you can share information about scuba diving.


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