Discover Local Diving

If you are visiting Melbourne, and more specifically the Mornington Peninsula, and you want to take advantage of the amazing diving Victoria has to offer but aren't sure where to go, we have just the solution.

Enjoy a Guided Dive with one of The Scuba Doctor trained professionals and take the stress out of diving in an unknown area. Our dive guides will show you the wonders of our local pier dives. See Guided Dives for details of the local dives available.

Don't take a chance at swimming around in circles in the sand because you are unsure of where to go. Have one of our professional dive guides reveal the hidden wonders of Melbourne's underwater realm. This may include dives to see:

You may remember your Dive Instructor saying, "If you travel to a new location or visit an unfamiliar dive environment, get a local orientation." Its good advice and easy to do. A Discover Local Diving experience with The Scuba Doctor will have you diving with one of our experienced local dive professionals and let you relax and better enjoy the adventure.

This experience is suitable for any certified diver who wants to dive in our local area and its unique environment. For example, if all your diving has been in warm water on coral reefs we'll help you to adjust to Melbourne's temperate (cooler) water diving. If you need help adapting to diving on the Great Southern Reef with its hard and soft coral reef, exposed rocks and kelp forests, Discover Local Diving is for you.

Or, if the majority of your experience is from dive boats, and you want the chance to do a shore dive entry, then sign up for a Discover Local Diving experience with The Scuba Doctor.

What You'll Learn

Our experienced Professional will brief you on the dive site conditions, hazards and points of interest, plus describe the aquatic life you'll see and how to interact responsibly with local creatures. If there are special procedures or techniques used locally, we'll show you what to do to make your scuba dive fun and hassle free.

If you feel like you need a refresher before the dive, ask about doing a Scuba Review. See Refresher Course.

Prerequisites and Requirements

Age Requirement
16 years of age, or older

Course Prerequisites
Open Water Diver certification, or proof of entry-level diver certification from another training organisation, with four open water dives


Personal Equipment — You'll need to provide your own bathing suit and towel. For your personal hygiene and comfort, there are some things that we simply choose not to provide you with, and this is more out of concern for your health and well-being than anything else. These include:

  • Snorkel — Risk of orally transmitted diseases
  • Mask — To prevent masks fogging, divers spit in their masks. Would you like to put on your face something that someone else has recently spat in?
  • Gloves — Dermatitis
  • Dive Boots — Tinea is a nasty fungal bug that loves to jump from one person to another
  • Fins — Complete your own snorkelling kit

If you don't already have them, you can buy these items in our dive shop online or in-store. Our experienced dive shop staff can help you with the right equipment choices.

Rental Equipment — Rental gear is not included in the price. The Scuba Doctor has high-quality BCDs, Regulators with Dive Computers, Scuba Cylinders, Wetsuits and Weight Belts available for hire. See Scuba Equipment Rental for details.

The Scuba Doctor Air, Nitrox and Trimix Fills