Scuba Buying Guides

Scuba Buying Guides from The Scuba Doctor

The right scuba equipment can make an incredible dive even better. Scuba diving equipment is evolving in ways that make diving safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable. But how do you ensure you're making the right choice? The following Buying Guides and Tips from The Scuba Doctor will certainly help:

Dive Gear Features You Need to Know About Before You Buy

Not sure about the key features you need to know about, and what you can ignore when buying dive gear? Then we also have the following pages of to help you get to know what matters and what doesn't about the key features of dive gear.

Fundamental Scuba Gear Buying Tips

Or you could start with these fundamental scuba gear buying tips from The Scuba Doctor.

Do Your Homework

There's no such thing as being too well informed. Ask questions of instructors, shop personnel and divers. At The Scuba Doctor, we welcome your calls or email seeking such information.

Consider the Source

Most divers have a favourite brand or product type. Ask why and see if their reasoning applies to you.

Determine Your True Needs

The most advanced gear in the world won't serve you well if it isn't matched to your needs. If your dive plans involve tropical vacations and relaxed tours of the reef, you don't need to spend extra for "expedition ready" equipment designed for polar exploration.

Invest for Expansion

Just as you don't want to buy gear that is overly complex for your needs, you don't want to limit yourself if your aspirations might expand. The Scuba Doctor is highly experienced in coming up with a gear configuration that enables you to reconfigure your scuba kit easily as your requirements change.

Go with a Name Brand

The big-name brands can be more expensive, but most devote significant resources to research, development and quality control. And it's nice to know the brand you invest in has been around, and will continue to be around. Then again, smaller or less well known brands are often more innovative. Thankfully, The Scuba Doctor can advise you as to which small and big brands deliver true value for money.

Consider Service

Even the best gear can fail without proper maintenance and service, which is a good argument for going with a brand represented by The Scuba Doctor, because we service what we sell.

Avoid Fads

Every year it seems someone unveils the next big thing in diving. Some of these innovations stick, but others fall by the wayside. If it's a brand-new design, complex, expensive or untested, you might want to steer clear.

Buy Local

Yes, it's possible to get some real bargains when you shop overseas, but often there is a hidden price to pay. When you buy products from The Scuba Doctor you know you have local access to the full manufacturer's warranty. You also know that The Scuba Doctor can handle the service and repair all of the equipment you buy from us. Plus when you visit our dive shop, you have cheap air fills available, plus the latest advise on where to dive and the camaraderie of fellow divers who gather there.

How do I know what the best gear is?

There is no best gear. But, there is the best gear for you. Scuba equipment comes in a wonderful variety that accommodates a broad range of needs, interests and sizes.

The dive professionals at The Scuba Doctor are trained to help you find dive gear that best matches your preferences, fit and budget. We can get you set with the right stuff, plus we provide service and support for years of enjoyable and dependable use.

The Scuba Doctor motto is:
"Buy your dive gear once. Let us help you make sure its right for your needs and budget, then use it for a lifetime."

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